The Vaccinium is a common and widespread genus of shrubs, including cranberries, blueberries, and huckleberries. It was added in the 7.3 Dinosaur Renaissance update.
2017-08-03 16.53.29

A Dilophosaurus(center) among some Vaccinium plants (left).

Unlike normal vanilla grass, punching a Vaccinium will not destroy it. Herbivore dinosaurs will not eat this plant.

Like most other things in the mod, it does not spawn naturally in the world.


The Vaccinium is a small plant with a wooden brown stem and light green leaves. On the branches of the plant are pink and white flowers.

The Vaccinium is a prehistoric shrub and thus can be used to make a prehistoric environment.


The Vaccinium can only be obtained by putting a Plant Fossil in an Analyzer . There is a rare chance that the Analyzer will give back Fossilized Vaccinium Seeds , which you then must put in a Culture Vat . Unless the Culture Vat fails and spawns a Failure Plant , it will turn the Fossilized Seeds into normal Vaccinium Seeds which can be planted on grass with at least one block of space above it.

Plant ListEdit

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