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  • XSolace

    My First Model

    August 23, 2015 by XSolace

    Ok so here is my first Minecraft model ever created. Still needs a texture, but I thought I would just show the actual model for the time being. Any tips or criticism from some modelers would be great. Thanks.

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  • XSolace


    August 20, 2015 by XSolace

    Im going to go ahead and try making some dinosaur models for the first time. Modeling is something thats interests me so I thought, why not? Hopefully I do somewhat decent on my first attempts; to the point where it doesn't look like the dinosaur got beat with a rock, like, 10,000 times... I'll maybe post some pictures when I get finished with one.

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  • XSolace


    July 31, 2015 by XSolace

    Im almost done with my F/A park. Took long enough.

    Ill maybe put a world download, just because.

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  • XSolace

    My F/A Park

    July 18, 2015 by XSolace

    Dinosaur Areas:

    Theropod Territory

    -          Allosaurus Alley

    -          Tyrannosaurus Turn

    -          Ceratosaurus Cove

    -          Spinosaurus Swamp

    -          Compsognathus Creek

    -          Dilophosaurus Dam


    The Valley

    A large, open area containing the following Dinosaurs:                                              

    -          Ankylosaurus

    -          Brachiosaurus

    -          Gallimimus

    -          Tricerotops

    -          Stegosaurus

    -          Pachycephalosaurus


    The Aviary

    A vast, glass dome containing prehistoric flying birds:

    -          Confuciusornis

    -          Dodo

    -          Pteranodon

    Contains 1 separate exhibit:

    -          Terror Bird Tide

     Raptor River

    -          Velociraptor Veldt

    -          Dienonychus Des…

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