• Unitatedragon


    Ancient artifact:

    Obtained: Found in dungeon chests. Drop from fossil block.

    Uses: Analze.

    Relic Jar:

    Obtained: Analyze relic shards.

    Uses: Used as bucket. Can be used to create herbal curative.

    Herbal Curative:

    Obtained: Shapless crafting with milk jar (not bucket), rose, yellow flower, and any seeds.

    Uses: Drinking removes all buffs and debuffs.


    Obtaineed: Crafted. Recipe: Empty/Gold/Gold


    Empty/Scarab Gem/ Gold

    Uses:Melee weapon. As many uses as Iron sword.  Right clicking summons a Zombie Pigman from the depths of the Nether to aid you in battle (Timed Life. One Pigman allowed per sword at one time. Twenty pigmen total can be summoned per sword .) .


    Obtained; Trade with neandrathal.

    Uses: Comes with knockback 3. Du…

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