I've got some stuff to say on the possible mob model page User blog:Adsper/All Possible Mobs and the real life dinos that are thier models. Since there is too much stuff to fit in the comments, I will put them on this page:

1. Will parasaurolophus get some special sounds and animations for the "trumpet" it has in it's crest?

2. Will titanoboa be as long as the real thing?

3. What the heck is sharovipteryx supposed to be? Pterosaur or bird?

4. How big is diictodon?

5. Does the slash mean it's either gigantosaurus or carcharodontosaurus?

6. Is the plesiosaur remodel a new elasmosaur or new models for the plesiosaur?

7. Megalodon could use a little bit of remodeling.

I'll come up with more.

P.S. I do accept spoilers.

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