Here is a list of things they should add to this mod:


 The megalodon looks like the shark from many mods except much, much bigger. It eats plesiosaurs and coelacanths and is preyed on only by the Tylosaurus.


the tylosaurus has the same skin as a mosasaur but it is three times bigger. It eats every marine mammal and will sometimes pull Tyrannosaurus Rexes and Terror Birds into the water. It is not preyed on by anything but is still not a boss.

Dire wolf

dire wolves look like wolves except they don't have the fatter chest near the head and have black/grey heads. They eat smilodons terror birds Gallimimi and nautili. Their predators are the cave lion and cave bear.

Cave Bear

Cave Bears are big, brown bears that eat mammoths and other small dinosaurs. They will fight with cave lions sometimes

Cave Lion

Cave lions look like smilodons but the're blackish grey and have no fangs. They eat dire wolves and may fight with cave bears.

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