This would be a taller brachiosaurus, but teal instead of dark blue.


Diplodocus shall look like a green brachiosaurus with spines along its back


These have cream bellys and dark green scales. It would walk on to big legs and it would be passive.


These would be twice the size of pterosaurs, with similar wings and head but with no crests like pterosaurs.


This would be a pinkinsh greyish iguanodonlike dinosaur with a crest on its head.


It shall be like a hairless elasmotherium with two horns that eats apples and melon.


This would look like a villager with long black hair and a beard. they would wear furs.

American Lion

these would be bigger smilodons with blonde fur and faded stripes, but with no fangs


This would be a giant brown sloth with long claws.


This would look like triceratops with taller crests, wich would flush red when it turned hostile.

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