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    Although I have recieved heavy criticism from my previous suggestions, I am going to let it go. However, I insist that if you do have a negative comment, please do not put it as... aggressive as previous criticism. In this post, to avoid more negativity, I will give my suggestions with a picture instead of a description.













    There will be more coming soon. These are just the dinosaurs beginning with A. B, C  and so on will be coming soon. I hope you like the ideas and please let me know if any of these are confirmed.


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    Here are some prehistoric sea creatures I would love to see in this mod:

    Mosasaurus:                                                                                                                                                           I know this is already in the mod, but I think it should be a bit bigger, because the mosasaurus from the mod doesn't look like 18 blocks. I also think that aswell as the blue and green variants, there should be a cyan variant, similar to the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World

    Megalodon:                                                                                                                                                               There have been lots of shark models in many mods, but very few of them…

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    This would be a taller brachiosaurus, but teal instead of dark blue.


    Diplodocus shall look like a green brachiosaurus with spines along its back


    These have cream bellys and dark green scales. It would walk on to big legs and it would be passive.


    These would be twice the size of pterosaurs, with similar wings and head but with no crests like pterosaurs.


    This would be a pinkinsh greyish iguanodonlike dinosaur with a crest on its head.


    It shall be like a hairless elasmotherium with two horns that eats apples and melon.


    This would look like a villager with long black hair and a beard. they would wear furs.

    American Lion

    these would be bigger smilodons with blonde fur a…

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  • Sealmoshi

    Here is a list of things they should add to this mod:


     The megalodon looks like the shark from many mods except much, much bigger. It eats plesiosaurs and coelacanths and is preyed on only by the Tylosaurus.


    the tylosaurus has the same skin as a mosasaur but it is three times bigger. It eats every marine mammal and will sometimes pull Tyrannosaurus Rexes and Terror Birds into the water. It is not preyed on by anything but is still not a boss.

    Dire wolf

    dire wolves look like wolves except they don't have the fatter chest near the head and have black/grey heads. They eat smilodons terror birds Gallimimi and nautili. Their predators are the cave lion and cave bear.

    Cave Bear

    Cave Bears are big, brown bears that eat mammoths and o…

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