so, pca commented asking everyone their least and most favorite prehistoric animals


1.brontosaurus: the thunder is back and better than ever!

2:edmontosaurus: titanic,duckbilled,chicken crested,dinosaur,what's not to love!

3.tyrannosaurus: well, it is a favorite by all.

4.spinosaurus: well, until new evidence is found, we got a hump- backed,short-legged,mostly aquatic dinosaur!

5.triceratops:horned porcupine dinoparrot

6.mei:it's so fluffeh!!!!!!

7.velociraptor:medium-sized dromeosaur with wings that it could use to parachute.Waaaaaaaaay cooler than JP

8.citipati: the Dino cassowary

9.edmontonia:giant armored dinosaur that nothing could kill

10.stegosaurus:giant plated spiky dinosaur

11.protoceratops:pig-parrot-porcupine with a frill.

12.eoraptor:it's adorable

13.crassygrineus:it's a legless killer salamander

14.diplocaulus:boomerang-headed-wha? It could've had skin covering the boomerang?well, it's still an interesting creature

15.shuuvia:it's a little Dino anteater

16.dimorophodon:the real thing is cooler than David peters suggests...


17.hatzegopteryx:giant terror giraffe with wings.

Last but not least...

ouranosaurus:camel dinosaur. nuff' said.

least favorites

1.giganotosaurus:all those fanboys made me hate this it's only like one foot longer than a t-Rex

2.tylosaurus:the overrated brother of mosasaurus

3.megalodon:we all know why....

4.postosuchus:it's just a theropod like crocodile

5.dunkleosteus:giant evil bony beast huh?PCawesomeness knows what I'm talking about

6.argentvis:giant vulture. nuff' said

7.titanis:giant axe billed bird is overrated

8.andrewsarchus:like PCA said...

9.nanotyrannus:get over it it's a dwarf T. rex

10.not a dinosaur or prehistoric animal at all....jack Horner:he was the accuracy consultant for Jurassic park and world....and he was the guy who said T. rex was a scavenger.....

sorry if i offended anyone! :3

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