So after some thought I've decided that Ceratosaurus will get "nerfed," in a way. It's being moved to a secondary antagonist position. The secondary antagonists are Baryonyx, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Deinonychus, Troodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Hatzegopterus, Spinosaurus, Hainosaurus, and now Ceratosaurus. They're going to go around the island wrecking stuff and killing animals and terrorizing the main characters and shit. But they're not going to be the ones that are the main antagonists. Instead, I'm giving another animal a PROMOTION!(If anyone can guess this reference I will be very pleased.)

Utahraptor. 25 feet long and weighing a ton, and armed with sharp teeth and large claws, I feel that this animal should be my main antagonist of the story. Well, not including the fact we have to get off the island, and early on in the book we find the chief genetisist(who I eventually shove off a cliff into the Troodon pack). And there isn't just going to be one Utahraptor. THERE'S GOING TO BE A WHOLE PACK. Maybe about 4-7. And I know the perfect scene to introduce them...

First, their identity will be kind of obscure. The prologue will involve some poachers landing on the shores of the island, and their plane leaves them by themselves for a week. They set up camp deep in a forest, and in a clearing they find a Tenontosaurus. They prepare to take fire...but a Utahraptor suddenly arrives and easily slaughters the oversized hypsilophodontid. More Utahraptors then come and kill the poachers, and one hunter falls over a nearby cliff and lands on a dirt road. This carcass will be an important part in the plot.

Cut to a few days later. My character, Ridley, and four friends(and about 100 other strangers) crash on the same island. After being chased around by a Baryonyx, we find the camp and settle in it for the night...and then a Velociraptor suddenly pops up and attacks the camp. Some more Velociraptors then try and attack the humans...but then a pack of Utahraptor scare off the Velociraptors with their calls alone. Then it prompts us to run, and eventually we find a garage of cars. Only about 20 people are remaining by now.

Cut to the next morning. Now there's 5 people, not including the main 5. We get a monorail working, we get in, it zooms around. Ridley leans onto a wall...and this is where the Utahraptor makes his entrance. He breaks through the window(inches away from his face), runs down an unlucky man(not Ridley, thankfully), and eats him alive on the floor. Then another Utahraptor starts to come after us, but Ridley somehow detaches the raptor-infested part of the train-thing from the part that the remaining survivors are in. In other words, the back half of the train-thing breaks off, it skids to a halt, the second half keeps going, we survive.

I feel that Utahraptor will be a great antagonist to the book. What do you think?

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