• GameWorld BG

    This idea is a bit complicated but I was thinking - why don't the developers make a new fossil finding and collecting/mining system? Let's delete the fossil blocks and the permafrost. Then take the fossil models and make them brakeable only with pickaxe and able to stand in other blocks - like they are glitched but they aren't actually glitched. And last but not least let's create a fossil tracker or finder. And now how it works:

    1: You craft this fossil tracker and start searching for fossils.

    2: You find a Trike fossil under a forest [or its natural biome]. (This is just an example)

    3: You start digging and find it.

    4: You break all blocks around it and in it.

    5: Then mine the fossil with an iron pick. (or higher)

    6: The fossil drops all types…

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