• I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is A-level Student of Sociology, Philosophy and Geology
  • I am Male
  • Dinodigimon

    Well this shouldn't actually take to long. I should also include right now there is going to be swearing, so if your a child and you see the swearing in the title then you have been warned. Therefore I'm not to be blamed. Alright lets get started...

    Well let's get started, I had the idea of doing this for a long time but I didn't thought it wasn't relevant until now. If your wondering what dinosaur i'm talking about, it's spinosaurus, thats right fucking spinosaurus. Why spinosaurus, well most people who are used to this wikia and are common with the forums know that spinosaurus is actually a bipedal dinosaur and not a quadrepedal dinosaur like the 2014 reconstruction shit says. (A bit overboard). But everytime I go on to Youtube to a popula…

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