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    August 12, 2016 by DiamondDog77

    Tar, the ooey, gooey, oozy black stuff, that if you are not carefull, you could end up in a "Sticky situation" (Pun intended)

    I was on my survival world, exploring, looking for this black substance to make into tar drops, so I can hopefully get tar fossils. I found two tar pools, which I emptyed. I ended up with 12 stacks of tar drops with an additonal  40 drops, and two buckets of tar.

    After I was done collecting, I noticed I couldn't sprint. Now I was pondering this, and the possible solution I came up with is when the player has Tar in their inventory, any tar releated items (Tar buckets, drops,) they are slowed down by its weight. Is this intentional, or is it a bug? I think it is planned.

    Now, when I was collecting, the first bucket I sc…

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