As most of you should know, the Models page has been ravamped with the removal of all unofficial modelers (sowwy). This is where non-official modelers will go from now on.

The rules for this page are the same; if you want to be featured on this blog, you have to make either a deviantart gallery, or a minecraft forum page. If your page doesn't contain any F/A models, then your getting deleted off this blog (kinda obvious). You are allowed to post new models on this blog, but please don't take a picture of your model as you make it every half an hour and post it. And don't get angry when your models don't get added, because then your 5% chance turns into 0.

Faeldsper's Models

Thylaco's Models

Snowviraptor's (Mushroomsock's) Models

Dingo's Models (Note: There are currently no pictures of his models on his thread.)

Zergmaster123's Models

The_Mario_Bros Models

Barytyrannus's Models

Raptorek20's Models

SteveOriginal's Models

DBMCGamer's Models

Travis Lopez's Models

Gojiman's Models

TheHobbittPhil's Models

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