So since there are a huge number of people (mostly anons) making lists of mobs that they want to be added, and since most of them don't go to the model page, I decided to make a checklist of official models, so people know what will eventually be added (hopefully). If something is crossed out, then that means they've already been added, and they are arranged from first made to latest made. Enjoy.

Please note that almost all of these models are old and will be revised before being added to the mod. Also keep in mind that these are not by any means the only planned future mobs, the devs have a super secret list with at least over 60 mobs on it.

Also, if you spoil anything then: 
Silence! I Kill you!-000:14

Silence! I Kill you!-0

Total Count of New Mobs: 32 Remaining.


Up to Date Remodels Original Models
Pachycephalosaurus  (Updated by Raptorfarian and Bluestreak) Pachycephalosaurus 
Brachiosaurus  (Updated by Raptorfarian) Brachiosaurus 
Compsognathus  (Updated by Raptorfarian) Compsognathus 
Gallimimus  (Updated by Raptorfarian) Gallimimus 
Dodo (Updated by Raptorfarian) Dodo
Dilophosaurus  (Updated by Raptorfarian) Dilophosaurus 
Coelacanth  (Updated by Raptorfarian) Coelacanth 
Terror Birds (Updated by Raptorfarian) Terror Birds
Ankylosaurus (Updated by Bluestreak) Ankylosaurus
Spinosaurus (Updated by Bluestreak) Spinosaurus
Therizinosaurus (Updated by Raptorfarian) Therizinosaurus
Dryosaurus (Updated by Raptorfarian) Dryosaurus
Ichthyosaurus (Updated by Raptorfarian) Ichthyosaurus
Carnotaurus (Updated by Bluestreak) Carnotaurus
Dimetrodon (Updated by Raptorfarian) Dimetrodon
Cryolophosaurus (Updated by ASDFGirl) Cryolophosaurus


Up to Date Models Original/Not Revised Models
Deinonychus (Updated by Raptorfarian) Deinonychus
Allosaurus (Updated by Raptorfarian) Allosaurus (Collab with Bluestreak)
Sarcosuchus (Updated by Raptorfarian) Sarcosuchus
Liopleurodon (Updated by Raptorfarian) Liopleurodon (Collab with Bluestreak)
Quagga (No model picture) (Collab with Bluestreak)
Sturgeon (No model picture)
Alligator Gar (No model picture)
Dire Wolf


Up to Date Models Original/Not Revised Models
Ceratosaurus (Updated by Bluestreak) Ceratosaurus (Collab with Raptor)
Parasaurolophus (Updated by Bluestreak) Parasaurolophus (Collab with Raptor & 4f)
Quetzalcoatulus (Updated by Bluestreak)
Dimorphodon (Collab with Raptor)


Up to Date Models Original/Not Revised Models
Confuciusornis (Updated by Tyranno) Confuciusornis
Henodus (Updated By Tyranno) Henodus
Nyctosaurus (Updated by Tyranno) Nyctosaurus
Sharovipteryx (Collab with Raptor)


Up to Date Remodels Original/Not Revised Models
Elasmotherium (Updated by Raptorfarian) Elasmotherium (Collab with Raptor)
Plateosaurus (Updated by Bluestreak) Plateosaurus (Collab with Raptor)
Postosuchus (Collab with Raptor)
Basilosaurus (Collab with Raptor & Bluestreak)
Giganotosaurus/Carcharadontosaurus (Collab with Raptor & Raptorek)
Diplodocus (Collab with Raptor & Bluestreak)
Iguanodon (Updated by Bluestreak) Iguanodon (Collab with Bluestreak)
Arthropleura (Collab with Raptor)
Edaphosaurus (Collab with Raptorek)


Up to Date Models


  • A species of gorgonopsid
  • One Tyrannosaur that doesn't start with the letter "A". (Made by Tyranno)
  • The Tyrannosaur's prey. (Made by Tyranno)
  • An obscure mob that begins with the letter "A". (Made by Bluestreak52)
  • A mammal that begins with the letter "A". (Made by Tyranno)
  • Flaming Psittacosaurus. (Made by God)

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