Apparently, I had never shown my boyfriend a picture of a feathered tyrannosaurus before. So naturally, when I pulled up this picture of old Prehistoric Kingdom concept art , he was a bit startled. After explaining to him that yes, it is a tyrannosaurus and yes, it probably did have feathers, I was disappointed to hear him say, "No, no no no. Bring the scaly one back!"

Being the overdramatic drama queen that I am, I considered breaking up with him right there. Like, are you serious? My own boyfriend is one of those dino-bros who thinks feathered dinosaurs are lame? But of course, I am still a rational being and so I asked him why the fuck he is so adamant about tyrannosaurus having scales. 

His response surprised me. "The feathers are horrifying!" After confirming that he did in fact mean horrifyingly scary and not horrifyingly ugly, I asked him for clarification because of course, that's contrary to every dino-bro's explanation (of course, I'm referring to the "scales are scarier!" argument). This is what he had to say. 

"Thats fucking horrifying. I don't want a fucking giant aggressive chicken attacking me. With its fuzzy ass feathers. Making itself look fluffly and expressing emotion. Chickens are brutal and I dont want no rooster rex fucking me up. At least when people thought he looked like a lizard I imagined it acting like a lizard not spazzy and crazy at 20 feet like a goddamn chicken on thirty different kinds of steroids mixed with a lion for fucks sake. Can you guys all please stop this cuz chicken trex is not okay."

I'm still totally surprised by it. Someone outside of the paleo-community thinks feathers on dinosaurs make them scarier? Bro. I picked a good one.

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