aka Lindsay

  • My occupation is Wiki writer, lore writer, modeler, and texturer for F/A Revival.
  • I am Female. Pretty obvious from the username and all.
  • ASDFGirl

    Hi everyone!  In case you didn't know, my name is ASDFGirl and I'm a dev for F/A. I do models and textures, writing and lore, and most obviously, public outreach. Most of the time, when you comment on the Twitter, MC forums, Discord, or here, on the wiki, I'm the one who responds. (I get a lot of messages in a day, so take it easy on me!)

    I know most of you have already been following our updates, so you'll already know most of this. I'm rewriting everything nicer and neater here so I can link it to places like Twitter.

    The update we are currently coding is a 1.10.2 port with no new content. It will have bug fixes, but that's it. And I do apologize for it taking so long, but not only is the move from 1.7 to 1.10 a big jump, but we've also be…

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  • ASDFGirl

    Okay so I know I said that I would be getting wiki pages done this past month. And I also am aware that I have touched approximately 0 of them. But I have an excuse, fam. Actually, several.

    First, my birthday came and went, and to celebrate I had some friends sleep over a few days and then slept over their house for a few days after New Years. So in order to be a good host and then house guest, I stayed off my laptop and got 0 things done here. Thankfully, nothing was really happening on here anyway so I'm sure no one was really bothered by my absence. 

    Second, I have fallen ill. I've been visited by the worst cold I've ever had and it's friend the ear infection. I've been spending my days cocooned in bed, several feet away from my laptop. I…

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  • ASDFGirl

    Community Guidelines Updated

    November 26, 2016 by ASDFGirl

    Hello boys and girls,

    Today I had the brilliant idea of actually writing out some of our wiki's rules. Long overdue, I know. Anyway, I worked them into the Help:Community Guidelines. Please go check them out! 

    Having our rules written out like this means a couple things for us like a community. First, when any of you see someone breaking one of the rules, you can kindly direct them to the guidelines so they can read them themselves. People can't follow rules that they don't know about! This also means that you routinely active users might see me acting more strict with you guys. Nothing personal, but I really want to create a warmer community here, and I can't think of a single one of us (myself included) who isn't guilty of harshing the mel…

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  • ASDFGirl

    Meeting F/A Fans in Real Life

    September 21, 2016 by ASDFGirl

    So, yesterday I was hanging out with some new friends at a Mario Kart party at my dorm while wearing my dinosaur onesie and carrying around my stuffed stegosaurus named Wiki (yes, lovingly named after this website). Wiki and I were talking to these two freshmen about dinosaurs, cryptids, Pokemon etc. You know, all the cool stuff that the judgemental people eating pizza in the corner wouldn't care about. 

    When the conversation turned to the new Pokemon 'Oricorio', the freshman girl mentioned how much she liked the sensu Oricorio that danced with geisha-like fans because it reminded her of ancient Japanese war fans. She went on to talk about how much she liked learning about the culture and stuff. So, I decided to shamelessly plug the mod int…

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  • ASDFGirl

    Apparently, I had never shown my boyfriend a picture of a feathered tyrannosaurus before. So naturally, when I pulled up this picture of old Prehistoric Kingdom concept art , he was a bit startled. After explaining to him that yes, it is a tyrannosaurus and yes, it probably did have feathers, I was disappointed to hear him say, "No, no no no. Bring the scaly one back!"

    Being the overdramatic drama queen that I am, I considered breaking up with him right there. Like, are you serious? My own boyfriend is one of those dino-bros who thinks feathered dinosaurs are lame? But of course, I am still a rational being and so I asked him why the fuck he is so adamant about tyrannosaurus having scales. 

    His response surprised me. "The feathers are horrif…

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