A titanis
Basic Information
Real Creature Titanis walleri
Nature Neutral
Health Points 16
Attack Damage 3 hearts
Modeled By Bluestreak52 and Raptorfarian

7.2 UPDATEEdit

Titanis (tie-tan-is, meaning "Titanic") is a prehistoric creature that was added in Build 6.3.2. They grow to be a bit under 2.5 blocks tall and long. The mod classifies them as terror birds, making them drop raw terror bird legs as well as feathers upon death. Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.


Titanis cannot be ordered, fed, or aged like the other non-dinosaurian mobs. They behave rather like vanilla wolves. When one is attacked, all nearby will attempt to defend it. They attack any nearby quagga or horses even though they don't get "hungry" as other prehistoric creatures do. They occasionally lay eggs with a 1/8 spawning rate (a cultivated egg would have a 100% spawn rate). The babies follow the adults.


TItanis cannot be tamed by standing near the egg because a cultivated titanis egg hatches upon contact with blocks. To tame them, they must be fed quagga meat. They will then follow you around unless you right-click them and tell them to sit.


Terror Bird Idle
Terror bird living
Terror Bird Attack
Terror bird attack
Terror Bird Hurt
Terror bird hurt
Terror Bird Death
Terror bird death


Terror bird preview (Left to right: Kelenken, phorusrhacos, titanis, gastornis
Basic Information
Real Creature Titanis walleri
Nature  ???
Health Points  ???
Attack Damage  ???
Modeled By Raptorfarian

7.3 UPDATE Edit

Coming soon!

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