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The Rift 2.2.0

  • Mkay. Literally nobody has come back, but I’ll start this while I can.

    I took Paleopikachu’s new Rift 2.0 thread and polished it into this work of crap.

    This is the new Rift. It is six years after Extinction's death. All past characters are either non-canon or dead. During these six years, the map has changed.

    The map

    The map six years ago. Courtesy of Jai.

    Rift Map

    The new map. Courtesy of me. I guess you could tell it’s me just by looking at it, given how shitty it looks compared to the other one.

    Anyways, the deal is simple; major earthquakes and magnetic behavior has shifted the Rift around and threw different regions into new locations. Many places from before are gone.

    1. Deserted Plains: A lonely flatland. Some of the major rivers were buried by sediment, creating the Plains. This area is home to dozens of different species of Stegosaurs and Hadrosaurs, but the apex predator here is Proceratosaurus.

    2. High Jungle: A mystical aura waves in the High Jungle. It is said to be the site where Jasper held his last stand against the dreaded Ridley. Smaller predators such as Masiakasaurus live here alongside larger herbivores such as Muttaburrasaurus.

    3. Mount Kratakota: A massive mountain that was created by the earthquake that killed Jasper and Ridley. Many dinosaurs usually die here. The dinosaurs that live here are only those that come from Late Cretaceous North America, with the exception of Cathartesaura, which comes from Mid-Cretaceous Argentina.

    4. Ruined Castle: The ruined Mount Luckyone crumbled, leaving behind the volcanic shaft. Sinraptors, Deinonychus, and hadrosaurs inhabit the area. And yes, the Goddamned Bats still live here.

    5. The Swamp: Kaiser Greedy lived here years ago before his army was crushed. Even now, danger rings in the air. Mostly home to Spinosaurs, Troodontids, and crocodiles.

    6. Sandstone Seas: This used to be a huge ocean millennia ago. Coral and sea rocks can still be seen here. Few dare to enter the Sandstone Seas, lest the sun dry them to a husk. You can find some Brachylophosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Lesothosaurus, or Triceratops here, but I’d say about 60% of the dinosaurs here are Velociraptor.

    7. The Mountains of Nothingness: Before, this was the dreaded Blizzard. Now, it is a mountain range. The temperature, while still cold, is now warm enough to support life. Mostly home to Cretaceous Argentinean/Jurassic North American/Jurassic European dinosaurs, like Amargasaurus, Apatosaurus, or Juravenator, though chayongopterid(I don’t know how to spell it)pterosaurs live here as well.

    8. Hell’s House: An active volcano. Every week it erupts, killing thousands. The only animal that lives here is Tropeognathus.

    9. The Y-Knot/Watering Hole: Ancile and Lapis were born here, they lived here, and died here. This is the figurative and literal center of the Rift; animals gather to gossip or to trade, hunt together, fight, etc. Hundreds of various species live here.

    10. The Wasteland: A swamp surrounding Mount Kratakota. Home to ceratopsians and tyrannosaurs.

    11. Xavi River: Formerly the Steam Stream, this river runs boiling hot during the day, but cools down to barely above freezing at night. Nobody lives in the river per se, but they live around it. Spinosaurs can usually be found here.

    12. The Boneyard: Thousands of dinosaurs are buried up here on this plateau at the top of Mount Kratakota. Paragon himself died here. Only small carnivores and hadrosaurs live here.

    13. Voodoo Forest: The two Twin Towers crumbled, allowing the Fire Woods to grow at a very fast rate. Bad things always happen here, hence the name. For the most part ceratopsians live here, but there are Megalosaurus and Dilophosaurus as well.

    14. The Sea of Something: A sea full of something. Mostly full of plesiosaurs and mosasaurs.


    You must be completely accurate with your characters. The only exception to this rule is the Spinosaurus, in which case I will accept either the bipedal or the quadruped version due to the controvesry surrounding it; however, should you use the quadruped version, it must be 100% aquatic.

    Small mutations such as being slightly larger than average or having enhanced sight is allowed, but for every strength there must be a flaw, i.e. a Gorgosaurus with enhanced hearing cannot see as well as a Gorgosaurus without enhanced hearing.

    Major mutations such as the ability to spit acid or a Juravenator lifting three tons are not allowed.

    Psychopaths are allowed, but don’t go too far with that.

    Character development is highly encouraged.

    We already had to live through vast hordes of stupid shit involving antagonists, it's okay if you add Outlaws or leaders of the different posses of Outlaws, but they can't be a supervillian.

    You can do stuff like do flips or some humanoid things, but, again, don’t go too far with that. Don’t have them be furries(scalies?)/borderline-humanoid reptiles.

    Swearing is allowed, just don’t go too...overboard.

    You can injure other characters, but you cannot kill them without their owner’s consent unless the target in question is a very minor character.

    Your dinosaur characters cannot visit the Dragonairian Islands, and your draconian/human characters cannot visit the Rift.

    No curses or magic or that stuff.

    Natural disasters can happen, they should be fairly common in the Rift, but they cannot happen extremely frequently(i.e. an earthquake happening the day after an electric crystal meteor shower).

    Anything NSFW such as sex, mating between two completely different species, or doing anything that suggests sexual assault or molestion of anyone under the age of 20 dinosaur years will result in the character(s), and possibly the RPer, being banned.

    Overpowered characters can and usually will result in me(or someone else...usually me) killing them.

    Certain dinosaurs, such as Utahraptor and Ankylosaurus cannot be used as characters, but can be found in the wild. The Tyrannosaurus rex species is extinct and can neither be used nor found in the wild.

    There is a limit of five major characters per RPer. No limit on secondary and minor characters.

    All major characters should be introduced like so(I’ll start with my character):

    Name: Adder

    Species: Dilophosaurus

    Gender(Biological, not mental; I don’t want to deal with a herd of “male lesbians” attacking me): Male

    Age(First in that certain species’s years, then convert it to human years): 16 Dilophosaurus years(4 human years)

    Appearance(You can add a picture if you want, but a written description is a must): A very dark blue, with red scars all over his face, golden crests, and a white underbelly.

    Personality: A fairly depressed individual. This mostly is due to his tragic backstory, which involved his the death of his entire family(as well as the pack of Baryonyx that raised him). Just get the most stereotypical image of an emo teen(like me), multiply it by five, and slap that attitude into a Dilophosaurus, and you should get the idea.

    Likes: His very few friends, and finding even the tiniest shreds of hope in the eternal oblivion known as the Rift.

    Dislikes: Graciliraptors, the never-ending apocalypse, "Salty," whatever that is, and being told what to do.

    History(Tell us about your character’s backstory): Adder is the third youngest child of a batch of five hatchlings conceived by two Dilophosaurus. His mother was killed by his father before Adder hatched. After this his father went insane. He cannibalized Adder’s two unborn siblings, intoxicated Adder’s older sister, drove his older brother to suicide, and became a wanted outlaw before he was captured and executed. Adder was eventually raised by a pack of five Baryonyx, and under their care he learned the skills he knows today. When he reached the age of 13 Dilophosaurus years the pack tried to kill him, as is their custom. He managed to overpower the pack, but refused to kill them. As a result, Adder ran away and lived in isolation from the rest of the world in the Mountains of Nothingness. Two years later he returned to his pack, only to see that they were all killed by the "Salty." To this day Adder makes daily visits to the Watering Hole in the hopes that he can prevent his depression, to no avail. He did manage to make friends with five fellow Rebels(and two Neutrals that support the Rebels)--Cinder, Lucious, Rover, Stalagmite, Randall, Drift, and Wraak--that provide him with just enough care that keeps him well away from the desire to kill himself, though his hatred for those that kill innocents or important people will never subside. These four Rebels fight against the Outlaws in an effort to restore peace to the Rift. And yes, I know that I made this description extremely dark and edgy, even by my standards.

    Territory(Say where your character lives): Deserted Plains/Watering Hole

    Size(1-15 feet=⭐️, 16-30 feet=⭐️⭐️, 31-50 feet=⭐️⭐️⭐️, 51+ feet=⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): ⭐️⭐️

    Class(Good, Neutral, Outlaw, Evil): Good, though he can verge on being Neutral.

    Importance(Major, secondary, or minor): Major

    Secondary and minor characters do not need this introduction, but you can use this for them if you want.

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    • Guess I'll start.

      The vast herds of Amargasaurus graze through the Watering Hole. It's uncommon to see them down here; they're normally around the Mountains of Nothingness.

      Their red and yellow sails flash like police lights in the night sky. They seem like cows, with their bovine hoots. Stupid cows. Really stupid cows. They're also pathetically slow.

      Deep in the undergrowth Adder watches the herd. He eventually strikes, sinking his teeth into a juvenile. He drags it as far away from the herd as possible and feasts. However, just as he begins eating he realizes he has walked into someone's lair. The inhabitant inside awakens, with a red eye piercing the darkness, and Adder runs away.

      As morning rises, the herd leaves, and Adder goes back to the Watering Hole. As Adder makes his daily trek, he looks around at his world. It is apocalyptic; a bloodbath; a massacre; ghosts and reapers scavenge the world, looking for survivors. In a world where death runs rampant and freedom is all but restrained(irony), you should always be careful, for destruction lurks around every corner with abated breath.

      He takes a drink, and sees the wildlife; an Ampelosaurus uprooting and eating trees, two Falcarius swatting at each other in a fight to the death over a termite mound, three Lythronax prowling the coast, looking for tasty survivors, and thirty Graciliraptor brawling and killing each other over a Medusaceratops carcass. Adder shuddered at the sight of the Graciliraptors; they'd wound your legs and neck, then leaving immediately, leaving no trace of the attack except for disproportionally large pain. Once you fell from your injuries, they'd strip your eyes from their sockets...

      Then the skin from your flesh...

      Then your flesh from your bones...

      Then your bones from your organs...

      Then your organs from your life...

      Then finally your life from your body, all while you're still alive. Adder knows that recently carnivores have been in sheer abundance, whereas herbivores' numbers are slowly diminishing. Some species, such as Ankylosaurus, Titanosaurus, Machairoceratops, or Utahraptor are near extinct, while others such as Tyrannosaurus rex or Coelophysis have disappeared completely. It is all the result of the apocalypse; a mass genocide that has existed since the beginning of the Rift's removal from the Earth's timeline and will never end. The days are a drought sawing away at the lives of many, while the nights are a nightmare; a shooting range for carnivores.

      When Adder looks up from his thoughts, he notices a certain someone at the other side of the lake.

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    • Time to shine once more...

      Name:Lucious [Greek for Pike]

      Species: Kaprosuchus.

      Age: One human year old, nearly mature.

      Gender: Male

      Appearence: A dark Cyan blue. He has a weird little mutation in two of his teeth, the teeth that gives the kaprosuchus their greek/latin name is long and deformed. It looks like a big long tooth with a second ingrown tooth inside it. This helps Lucious with gripping onto prey, but i guess every good thing comes with a bad cach. His front left leg is skinny, shiveled and nervless, he feels not pain in this weak little leg and because of its bad balence, he strugles to chase prey around.

      Personaity: A patient, caring croc who never holds a grudge, like to some form of leadership within his group.

      History: Son of Pike, the oldest Lucky bitten before the new generation overtook his former glory. Long ago, he made peace with two passing millipedes whom he recodnised has the children of his enemy. Long ago, Pike made peace and helped the two to get back to the mountain before the bats could be released...

      Five years later, pike mated and had a litter, the eldest being Lucious. Lucious grew up having speach difficultys and a deformed appearence due to Pikes choice of mate...

      These animals know nothing about inbreeding, sorry it had to come to this. Lucious soon got over his speak problems, but never gained a normal body shape, he became the target to bullying and eventully made friends with a Terror bird who has a keritin disease, a Giant bat [Seperate species to the Giant venomous mindless bats and their pygmy cusins] and a Titanoboa.

      Welcome to the story of the animals who dont have normal lifes lie you and me.

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    • Lucious doesn't have a normal life.

      Adder definitely doesn't have a normal life.

      Nobody does.

      Adder hisses and walks up to Lucious. He knows Lucious, he's one of Adder's only friends.

      Adder begins to speak in his usual Japanese accent. "Hello, my friend Lucious. I would assume that you would know of the strange Amargasaurus stampedes recently?"

      Lucious doesn't respond.

      "Hm. Maybe not. Anyways, it seems strange that the Amargasaurus herds would migrate down here. Normally they stay in the Mountains of Nothingness, but now they've been destroying our habitats! Someone must probably be behind this..."

      "Aye. I don't get i--"

      "THERE'S A FUCKING ASSASSIN ON THE LOOSE OR SOMETHING! Only a mass murderer could get the sauropods down here, right?"

      The two stare for a second, and Lucious speaks.

      "Well, I guess there could be someone behind the stampedes..."

      Adder nods and thinks back to his childhood. He never gets an answer, because soon the Ampelosaurus and two Falcarius run away from the Watering Hole, with the three Lythronax following, but the Graciliraptors stay behind. The foliage shakes violently.

      "Something's coming!"

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    • Lucious groans, he has always been slow of though, but he never liked being yelled at.

      "Its probably Rover, by now he probably needs help shreading again" he spoke grumbly, almost aggrogantly.

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    • Lucious waddled off to the side, not giving a care for what was happening around him. He placed himself on a warm rock, sumberged his tail in a small puddle and closed his eyes, completely ignoring the fact that Adder was speaking to him.

      Becoming aware of Adders presents, he remains still, but says "What is it Adder? what could be so important?"

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    • I wasted an hour thinking of and typing a story and I unintentionally pressed the "Back" button. Now I lost it all.


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    • Adder shudders.

      The trees snap and a posse of carnivores(and some herbivores) files out. A Graciliraptor, two Proceratosaurus, a Huayangosaurus, a Lythronax, three Styracosaurus, and a Dryptosaurus.

      In the Rift there are two alliances: the Rebels and Outlaws. Lucious, Adder, and their friends are part of the Rebels, who try and stop the Outlaws' lust for destruction.

      The Dryptosaurus, the leader of the posse, begins to speak. He has a heavy American accent.

      "'Ere ya traitors are! Ya too 'ad us snoopin' all aroun' tha wateri' hole, ya too did!"

      Adder snarls, and Lucious crawls onto Adder's head.

      "Now, mind yaselfes, bruthas. 'Be a shame to return back hom' withou' ya dead bodies fo' we had to mutilate ya Rebels beyon' recognition!"

      "Wow, this gang looks so intimidating. I could kill you all without a sweat," Lucious says arrogantly.

      "Oi, Lucious, shut up. We're gravely outnumbered, and I don't see ourselves surviving this fight. Yes, we've triumphed over many a posse of Outlaws, but that was because Lone Chieftain and Bastion were here. They've since been executed."

      Lucious shakes his head.

      "Well, we're gonna have to fight this out!"

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    • Not exacly how i wanted Lucious to respond...

      Lucious jumps down from Adders head and starts digging the mud within his puddle, making it deeper.

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    • The posse stomps and roars. The Lythronax start forward in an attempt to kill Lucious, but Adder suddenly throws it to the ground. He turns towards the Dryptosaurus, yelling "Nobody touches my allies! And if you're an Outlaw, nobody here takes kindly to Outlaws!"

      The Dryptosaurus picks him up and tosses him in front of the three Styracosaurus in the back. They stomp their feet and bellow in sync, then throwing him into the air with their horns before launching him at the Huayangosaurus, who swats Adder into a tree. Lucious begins to panic, and Adder can't keep fighting forever.

      Fortunately, a sauropod roars in the shadows, its ghastly silhouette scaring off those who draw near. The posse packs up their shit and retreats, vowing to strika another day. The sauropod steps forward next to the two dazed Rebels, and suddenly it's not a sauropod, it's two Rebels standing on top of each other...

      Name: Cinder Species: Anhanguera Gender: Female Age: 16 Anhanguera years(3 human years) Appearance: Light blue, with red eyes and a white skull-like face(I know, basically a pterosaur version of Lapis). She likes positioning her black head feathers to look like a hood, and she wears a pearl necklace with a Juravenator skull. Personality: She tends to be overly excited about things. I guess you could say she’s more of an optimist than Adder. She’s very smart and makes up for her lack of strength or durability by analyzing her foes, seeking their weak points. Likes: Her friends, fighting against the Outlaws, and eating. Dislikes: There isn’t a lot of things that she hates, but in particular she seriously hates being disrespected. She also hates tyrannosaurs.

      History: She has no parents, but her adoptive father’s name is Charizard, a Cearadactylus that served in the Great War and in Butch’s rescue team. After Glove’s death, Charizard married and had three children. He found an Anhanguera egg in his nest, but hatched it and named the newborn Cinder. One day, when Cinder was 8 Anhanguera years old, Cinder’s nest was burned to the ground by a gang of Chasmosaurus Outlaws. Cinder’s three “siblings” and her “mother” burned in the fire. Charizard set out with Cinder to avenge their losses, but the gang struck again and decapitated Charizard in front of Cinder’s eyes. Since then Cinder has lived with Adder, Stalagmite, and Lucious near the Watering Hole.

      Territory: Watering Hole Size: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Class: Good

      Importance: Major


      Name: Stalagmite Species: Sauropelta

      Gender: Male Age: 18 Sauropelta years(24 human years) Appearance: Stalagmite is VERY blue. He has a blue body, a blue/purple back, and a dark blue head. His eyes are a lighter shade of blue(Ancile 2.0, I know.), and the spikes around his shoulders are very large and long.

      Personality: If Cinder could be considered a mystery, and Adder an enigma, then Stalagmite would probably be a mysterious enigma. Not much is known about him, since he rarely talks and keeps to himself. He’s good friends with Lucious, but they tend to fight over very small things, such as food.

      Likes: His allies, Lucious in particular, food, and warfare(but only if it’s for a justified cause).

      Dislikes: Pointless fighting, people interrupting/stealing his food, pranks, and sauropods. History: Stalagmite was born without a mother or a father to take care of him. He lived in complete and utter isolation in the Mountains of Nothingness for most of his life, until he reached the age of 10 Sauropelta years, where a volcanic eruption drove him away from his home. He found a Sauropelta herd to live in six years ago, but he had an encounter with Kaiser Greedy, who nearly killed him. Kaiser then proceeded to tear apart Stalagmite’s herd. Due to this Stalagmite has been mentally scarred for life, having no parent figure to raise him. Eventually he joined Cinder, Adder, and Lucious as Rebels.

      Territory: Watering Hole Size: ⭐️⭐️

      Class: Good

      Importance: Major


      Adder wakes up. "C-C...Cinder? You're alive! I thought you were killed!"

      Stalagmite grins at Lucious in his little puddle. "aye. you okay, brother?"(Stalagmite will always speak in lowercase bold, by the way. Just imagine him speaking in a Rattlesnake Jake-like accent.)

      Lucious looks up. "No, I'm fine. These Outlaws have been attacking the two of us a lot recently though..."

      Adder nods. "Without you two, the Outlaws see us as easy targets."

      "THIS WHOLE THING TOTALLY SUCKS! I don't know why the Outlaws even exist!" Cinder stomps the ground.

      "indeed. our world is apocalyptic now, we must take sides or die. those who do not side with either the rebels or the outlaws will be purged, corrupted, massacred. we only chose the rebels because we felt it would be right to see peace once more..."

      Adder nods again. His eyes twitch from rage. "I only wish to see our world free from warfare...But these Outlaws just keep fucking it up!

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    • Lucious sneezes, "Ah, maybw they should all just go stuff emselves" He dives into the now deep puddle and startes splashing mud everywhere. Adder backs off slightly in disgust as mud smashes near him "Seriously?"

      Lucious head pops out that water "Well, i was going to slash mud the moment the outlaws showed up, and my plans havnt changed" he dispears under the water again and mud splashes everywhere, as the water soaks back into the earth and mixes in with the dirt, all you can see is a little mud brown croc twisting and rolling in the sludge.

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    • Adder rolls his eyes and stares at Lucious rolling around in the mud.

      "Anyways, we wanted to come here and warn you both about the Amargasaurus stampedes," Cinder states.

      "recently the herds of Amargasaurus have migrated down here and wrecked our habitats. there must be someone behind this; they can't just walk down here by themselves."

      "I know. I came here to warn Lucious."

      Lucious stops rolling around and looks up. "Who?"

      "Yeah, you. I warned you about the Amargasaurus."

      "tHeRe'S a ******* aSsAsSiN oN tHe LoOsE!" Lucious mimics.

      "Good. Great. Fucking beautiful." Cinder shakes her head, her makeshift "hood" falling apart. "Here we are in a warzone and nobody even cares."

      There is silence.

      Adder picks up some food. A fish for Cinder, a Quagga leg for Lucious, three ferns for Stalagmite, and a small crocodile for Adder. "Enjor this food while you can, this might be our last lunch ever. All the food goes to the Outlaws, so in the rare case that we do find food, make it count."

      Everyone solemnly eats their share. Stalagmite eats some of his food, stops, eats again, then stops, before eating again.

      "Are you gonna finish that?" Lucious asks.

      "for the last time, yes! i am eating all of my food!"

      "Well, excuse me! It appears that you can never make up your mind; always starting, stopping, then starting before stopping again!"

      "is there anything wrong with savoring one's food?"

      "I would really expect you to shove it all down your throat in an endless chasm of gluttony."


      "Please excuse me while I take a break so that I don't have to take lessons on how to eat from the likes of y--"


      All three look up from their food, and sees another posse of dinosaurs. This is their life; forever hated, forever hunted, forever despised. They are constantly attacked by various gangs who seek their bodies, allowing them to continue their destructive methods undeterred.

      The same Dryptosaurus from earlier steps out of the shadows. Behind him are a Gallimimus, a Einiosaurus, a Hylaeosaurus, two Monolophosaurus, two Sinusonasus, two Gryposaurus, and a Lascovaugus.

      "'Now we go' al' four o' ya togethe'! Don' worry, this time it'dll only hurt a lot!"

      Cinder coughs lazily, knowing that they possess almost no threat.

      Lucious, however, thinks otherwise.

      "We are gravely outnumbered," he grumbles, in a call back to Charizard.

      The others chime in as well.

      "When are we ever not gravely outnumbered?" Adder asks back, clearly having fun roleplaying as Butch.

      "Fair point...Ready?"

      The four step back.

      "ready? they interrupted my food! nobody interrupts my food and lives!"

      All four charge forward at the posse, ready to shave a head or two.

      The war never ends; it always continues year after year. When you're only a band of four misfits going up against a posse of brutish carnivores, you must always be ready to die, and should you ever die you must make it a worthy death...

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    • I would appreciate it if Lucious's words were bleeped, [Censored] he has a good mouth.

      Lucious eyes move over to his puddle "Maybe, this could be fun, I want the galli"

      If we are outnumbered, then maybe its time for a few of Lucious friends to show up...

      Looking at the large number of outlaws, it is ovious they can not fight them all.

      Lucious looks within the trees behind and grins, one of the branchs turns, silently reaching down. And before you knew it, one of the monolophosaurus receaved a bad end and was heaved into the trees with massive force. A large titanoboa with the texture of the forrest picked off one, now its time for the battle to commence.

      Name: Rover

      Species: Titanoboa

      Age:3 years, full grown

      Gender: Male

      Appearence: Textured like the steriotipica bark.

      History: Grew up with titanoboas, like a titanoboas, the way a titanoboa should be raised. Good luck hiding from him, Titanoboas he thermal sygnatures. He dosnt reallt talk much, and when he does, its nothing special. Hates the "Pick a side thing" But is an allie anyway. Patient, crancky and very boring, snakes dont have interesting lives, get over it.

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    • What do you mean by bleeped?

      Adder runs directly at the Dryptosaurus. Tch. Outlaws...These Plains beasts in particular are a ruthless, crazed bunch. They never fight with honor and will fight to the death. But they are not the only ones.

      He makes a bold lunge at the Dryptosaurus and breaks its arms. The tyrannosaur screeches in fright and bites Adder's neck and hurls him up in the air.

      I trust Cinder, Stalagmite, and Lucious with my life.

      Behind him Lucious crawls up to the Gallimimus, breaks one of its legs, and runs. The Gallimimus hops after Lucious and eventually catches up to the croc. It raises its working leg, prepares to slash him, and rears back its head.

      Lucious takes this opportunity to jump on the Gallimimus's neck, eventually cutting the jugular and spilling its blood onto the ground.

      My friend Lucious is a very lucky one; his father is a mutant, and despite his flaws Lucious is a very gifted brawler. His tactic of going for the throat and legs is almost always more than enough to wipe out the competition. It is very great that we are allies, for he can probably do everything I cannot.

      Adder regains his concentration and punches the Dryptosaurus. While he is stunned, Adder stares at Stalagmite and Cinder.

      Cinder was one of my first rivals and the deadliest enemy I have ever fought by far. She nearly killed me fifty times over, as did I.

      "BEHIND YOU!"

      A Monolophosaurus slithers up behind Stalagmite, and prepares to kill before Cinder knocks herself into it and into the jaws of the Titanoboa.

      hey, it was right where i wanted it to be!

      “I’m certain.” Cinder swoops back to the ground and throws herself at the nearest Gryposaurus, knocking it backward into another.

      But eventually we found a cause, and became allies. For this I am glad. Cinder is always studying and analyzing her opponents. I’m sure she could kill me right now without a second thought.

      As she takes off, she is attacked by the Lascovaugus. They trade hits, and suddenly Cinder pulls out two daggers made of Sinraptor teeth and throws them. One dagger causes the pterosaur to flinch, which causes him to fly directly into the second dagger, which impales his heart. He falls to the ground in a bloody streak as Cinder flies back to Adder, screeching merrily.

      Stalagmite was also encountered by me during my time as a Rebel. He was another Rebel and thought it would be best to become allies. At first, I was disgusted by his brutal fighting methods, and rejected him, thinking him a buffoon.

      Stalagmite slams his tail on the ground, but the Sinusonasus he is targeting dodges out of the way.

      “Ha! Too slow!”

      He doesn’t care and swings again, successfully shattering the Sinusonasus’s jaw into a million pieces.

      ha! don’t care!

      Eventually we put aside our differences and became trusted friends, allies, and brothers. As with Cinder, I am also happy about this...

      The second Sinusonasus runs away from Stalagmite, who stomps on her tail. “where are you going?

      He looks quickly at the approaching Hylaeosaurus and Einiosaurus. Stalagmite swings the Sinusonasus into the Einiosaurus’s face, and uses its horn to snap off the Sinusonasus’s upper body. Blood splatters into the Einiosaurus and Hylaeosaurus’s eyes, and they crash into each other, prompting them to fall into the Watering Hole.

      we’re just starting to have fun!

      ...because Stalagmite is one of the most gifted fighters I have ever seen.

      The Dryptosaurus catches Adder in a necklock and begins to clamp down. Adder retaliates by slashing the Dryptosaurus’s jaws, forcing it to let go. He then does the finishing honors by cleaving off its head.

      This is our world. It is a bloodbath; it is the home of hell.

      The mooks are all dead; they managed to destroy one of many posses that have threatened them. All four are very bloody and bruised, and they retreat into the undergrowth. There, they see the inhabitants of the Watering Hole return.

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    • ^^^Edited my post above.

      Everyone looked around, in case they missed someone and to see if everyone was still on their feet. They see Lucious dragging the galli into the mud and dumping it there, a waste of food, unless your a croc.

      "Last lunch we'll ever have, pshh, nonsence, look at all the food, outlaws are just as common as fast food complexes" He laid back in the dirt, as if nothing had happened at all and then looked to the Giant snake hanging in the trees "How long have you been there Rover?"

      Rover sounded like a snake, deep and slow "I jusssst got heeerre beforee theeey sssshoweeed up"

      "Very well then"

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    • "Well, maybe we would be getting more food if our allies were here. But no, Lone Cheiftain(Pentaceratops), Bastion(Hylaeosaurus), and Impaler(Triceratops) are all dead, which means that we can find not as much food as before. Who knows when we'll fall and become food for the Graciliraptors.

      Adder looked around. Stalagmite was in relatively good condition(ankylosaurs have a large amount of fat to live off of), but Lucious's face was basicaly shrinkwrapped, as were his legs. Cinder's body was almost like a bent stick, as she went for days without decent food. Even Adder was not in his best condition; the skin on his neck was beginning to peel, he lost a finger a few fights ago, and part of his tail was shaved off.

      They continue to eat their way through the fallen Outlaws. The four(er...five) then store the carcasses in a very unreachable place.

      No sooner do they finish putting away the food does Adder yell "AMARGASAURUS!"

      The herd stomps back into the Watering Hole. With boundless strength and might, these five need to hide...

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    • Into the trees Lucious jumps, Rover gives em a hand, but manages to hold the croc up.

        Loading editor
    • This time the stampede ends quickly and nobody is killed, thankfully.

      The sun starts to set, and crickets start chirping. Rover starts a fire, and all five huddle around it, where they slowly eat the carcasses of the Outlaws(Stalagmite just ate more ferns). Almost everyone told each other jokes and laughed about their recent victory.

      Adder doesn'y join in and slowly eats his food--very slowly. He didn't blink, he didn't laugh, he didn't look up.

      "You look tense," Cinder says while eating a Hylaeosaurus stomach. "Relax and enjoy life like the rest of us!"

      Adder shakes his head. "Never let you guard down. That's for your own benefit. Our world never stops the attack; it's only the very few of us against the very many of them. I don't want to stop and be foolish and naïve only to be killed a minute later..."

      Night falls, and the five get some well-deserved rest. Stalagmite sleeps at the bottom of the tree, and the other four sleep on different branches.

      At midnight, Lucious wakes up. He's hungry. He walks to the carcass pile and sees...

      "WHO IN ALL H**L ARE YOU!?"

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    • Name: Midas(A.K.A. The Great Bandit)

      Species: Struthiomimus

      Gender: Male

      Age: 16 Struthiomimus years(4 human years)

      Appearance: Dull blue, with several gold rings and necklaces that he stole from the Rift’s inhabitants. He has a small collection of thin black feathers on his chin, forming a small “beard.”

      Personality: Very intelligent and scheming, gladly stealing from all and having sympathy for none.

      Likes: “All that glitters,” at least in his words.

      Dislikes: “All that lives,” again in his words.

      History: A renowned thief who is known for killing Lena. He was seduced by the prospect of joining the Outlaws and driving the Rift to extinction, and under the observation of the "Salty" he soared to being the fastest creature in the Rift, is exchange for durability. Like wyverns.

      Territory: Mount Kratakota

      Size: ⭐️⭐️

      Class: Outlaw

      Importance: Secondary

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    • "Get outa here" Lucious stare down the ornithimimid, he walks over to the puddle and hops in, drags out a dead gallimimus and beguins to feast in front of his eyes, im not quite sure, but i think Lucious was purposly teasing by eating a muddy dead galli befor the theif, yet, keeping an eye on him...

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    • The Great Bandit is unintimidated.

      "I don't have to if I don't want to," he calmly retorts back, and for once does not kick Lucious in the face.

      He kicks literally everyone in the face. And don't be fooled by his skinny appearance; he has one hell of a kick.

      The two stare at each other for some time. After a few seconds Adder and Rover jump down next to Lucious, ready to back him up. Lucious starts again. "You're the one who killed our friend Radnad, huh?"

      "Yeah, I did. That blasted Corythosaurus didn't stand a chance against me...And I'm sure you three won't, either."

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    • Lucious basiclly ignores whatever threats are being thrown and is tugging at the brown muddy flesh. Adder scoffs at the words of the ornithimimid, its funny after all when an ostrich threatens a croc, dilo and a giant snake.

      Rover-"u ssso sssuree, I wouldnnt beee sssurprissed if the corythiosssaur was a lucky shot"

      Bandit-"it was skill, I can reassure you of that, and if this is really going down, I might as well do some leg streaches first"

      "I got it" intrups lucious. "Anyone wanna go with me" he is holding the with bone of the dead galli in his hands. Adder waves his hand a lottle in disaproval. Lucious offers it to rover, "ARE YOU SERIOUS? Not now"

      So one still stand, lucious offers it to the bandit. For this, if helix says yes, I will actully flip a coin to get an answer. 50 50, lets test some luck

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    • DEW IT

        Loading editor
    • How about heads, The Great Bandit is given the food, tails, he runs away?

        Loading editor
    • Lucious holds the wish bone toward the bandit "Yeh fine, i dont mind playing with my luck, the food is mine if i win, whats the cach?"

      "if i pull the bigger half, you leave us be, you run, miles of distane from us, keep that distance as long as the sky keeps returning"

      The bandit grabbs his side of the bone "I cant promise i'll stay back that long"

      Lucious turned his paw and tightened his grip "As i cant promise you'll get all the food"


      They look back at the bone in their hand, its ovious who won, The bandits piece is bigger.

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    • The Great Bandit smiles maniacally. He snatches the remains of the Einiosaurus carcass, devours a little bit, and starts to walk away.

      Before he leaves, he gives a sinister grin to the Rebels. "Be happy I have not decided to capture, or worse, kill you. A real shame too...For your skulls would make a fine addition to General Bonesaw's collection."

      And with that he runs into the night.

      At least we can have peaceful disputes in the midst of violent events...

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    • The three just stare at The Great Bandit. Finally Adder speaks.

      "They've spotted us...They know where we live...This can't be happening...This can't be happening...This can't be happening..."

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    • Well, I'm going for it!

      Name: Wraak [Vra`ak] - afrikaans for "revenge"

      Species: Velociraptor

      Gender: Male

      Age: Adult (20 velociraptor years, became adult at 16)

      Personality: Grandson of Shadow, son of Resseona and a lucky bitten male, Wraak is raised well. The only thing passed down to him from his grandpa are the coloring of the feathers and that he easily gets angry and little too agressive. 

      Appearance: Blackish-gray feathers with bloody red on the arms and on the tail. Has a few scars on his face. He is missing one finger from his right hand.

      History: Hatched not too far from Ruined castle, along with two siblings - one sister and one brother. His brother died young, but his sister is alive. She is a combination of Shadow and her father - gray feathers with Shadow's bloody red markings. The only way you can guess she is daughter of Resseona is by looking at her from sertain angles, in which she has the specific brown color of her mother.

         Resseona was a really good mother. She raised Wraak and Ela (Wraak's sister's) well. But at the age of 13, their pack got too close to Ruined Castle. The bats folowed them a kilometer or two in The Sandstone Seas, and killed half of the velociraptors. Between the killed were Resseona, Wraak's father, Telemolon and Colossal. Bolona was missing for a few years, and Rey was the only one from Shadow's childs to survive. He is currently living at the Y-Knot. From there on Wraak didn't behave as well as before and went with his siter to Rey's home to live a few years there.

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    • Is Wraak a Rebel or Outlaw?

      "General Bonesaw. I saw the five Rebels. They would not give me any food. But I at least know of their existence. Tomorrow...We strike?" The Great Bandit meets his fellow high-ranking Outlaw and has a discussion.

      "No, I feel that maybe we should wait for a little...Meeting. When we meet in person with them, we will capture them."

      This is General Bonesaw; he needs no introduction(though I will introduce him later); a bounty hunter who keeps the skulls of his victims as trophies. Ironically, though, there is no military among the Outlaws, and so the title "General" is technically a nickname. He's not the leader of the Outlaws; he doesn't even lead a posse. The latter is justified in that he prefers to work alone to hunt Rebels.

      The Great Bandit tells Bonesaw about the Rebels's names; he overheard their conversations.

      "Captain Cardinal is dead, I saw the Dilophosaurus eating him...Should we replace him?"

      "Absolutely. Fetch me Gloom, and I will brief her on her next mission. Those Rebels...I will have their skulls if it is the last thing I do!"

      He glances over to his collection. Impaler the Triceratops, Radnad the Corythosaurus, Sledge the Shunosaurus...The skulls of Rebels lay side by side on a wooden pedestal.

      Bonesaw laughs as he writes a new name into the pedestal: Adder the Dilophosaurus. He scratches an X on top of the name, and the two howl at the moon in joy of the massacres that will ensue tomorrow...

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    • Rebel, or outlaw, or neither...

        Loading editor
    • Oh yeah, Neutrals.

      "Um, what happened here?" Cinder and Stalagmite wake up and walk to the three.

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    • Man, where is everyone?

      "Heheh...heh..." Lucious glances nervously to the side and tries to talk, but can't.

      Rover says nothing.

      Adder starts screaming with his mouth closed and a huge, goofy grin on his face.

      Eventually the three of them can speak again.

      "The Outlaws know of our location...We cannot live here anymore. We must go. They will likely be on our tails next morning." Adder solemnly looks at the sky.

      All five eat as much as they can to fatten up for their journey, then sleep for the night.

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    • Busy...

      The tree line nearby feezed in movement as someone brushed past. Whats his name, Stalagmite gets defensive and charges at the attacker.

      Lucious yells out that he stops immediately, and that he is making a mistake.

      Stalagmite is obviously confused, whats so bad about fending off a mighty big Terror Bird.

      The terror bird had a ugly complexion, hideous in appearence, he started forth, waddling right past cinder and toward the group. Then he spoke, "my word, is this really your choice of friends Lucious"

      Lucious had a bit of humor in his voice "saddly yes, they are quite aggressive since we are part of the allies"

      "And Rover, still slidin?"

      "Asss much asss a sssnakee can sssliidee, old frieend"

      Leaning over by lucious, he whispers "whos the dorky looking armordillo over there?"

      "Thats Stalagmite"

      "Aha, and the saurpelta?"

      "Uh um, Stalagmite"

      "Oh, Ohhh, two with the same name" Yes, he just called Cinder a dorky armordillo

      Name: Drift

      Species: some terrorbird, kelenklen or something, idk, the big one.

      Gender: male

      Appearence: mostly dark grey. The front of his beak is scrunched and looks like it was squashed back partway down his face, making it partly wrinckly. He has a keritin defect that has him grow an extensive amount of keratin on his beak. He has stripes of yellow around his body, alittle like prehistoric park.

      History: picked on for his appearence, he grow up with his little deformity in desturbence. He refuses to take sides, outlaw nor allie, he dosnt even like being called a neutral. Has a mean sence of humor and probably the sharpest beak on the island, because of his disease, he uses a sharp stone to sharpen his own beak, he feels no pain in his jaw.

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    • "And of cause, lets not forget Adder... Hows the darn cresthead doing"

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    • "Not great," Adder grumbles. "The five of us--or maybe the six of us if Mr. Drift-Wood Whatever decides to come with us--we're running away. The Outlaws...They. Will. Kill us all if they find us here."

      The six stand there in silence.

      "okay, so we have nothing over the outlaws, and i mean nothing. they have everything we do and more, their numbers are much larger. unless we are a bunch of suicidal misfits, i say we run..."

      "Indeed," Adder agrees. He doesn't like Drift, but he still accepts Drift as an aquaintance. Neither of them have any beef for each other.

      "Here, have some food I spared you." Adder throws Drift some Hylaeosaurus meat.

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    • Darn it, the joke was the wrong way round, ill fix it.

      "Well, i'll follow to catch up with my old mates... and Adder. But i can hunt for myself thank you verry miouech" Pushing the leg back, like it was toxic, of cause, he was stirring Adder, looking for a reaction, most of the time, he got one.

      "With that, the journey comenced, predators of all strengths, shape, form and weaponry, Stalagmite was there too. Nothing was cooler then a group of dangerous animals, and Stalagmite" Drift was comentating on the actual journey, picking on one of the animals whos name was Stalagmite, although Drift confused Lucious into calling Both Cinder and Stalagmite, Stalagmite Purposly.

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    • Adder doesn't respond, mostly because he doesn't want any arguments between him and Drift.

      "Mkay. I have one very tiny rule for you. You can make jokes about us, you can pull pranks on us(but please don't pull pranks on Stalagmite), you can do anything. But overall just respect us/don't hurt us, and we won't hurt you. How does that sound?"

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    • vjkuivbhefuvbhsrvuopwgvu0vopbh8bv489bv79vbwrugvbksfuvbfv...



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    • I have that problem too.

      Just in case, copy everything before you reply, so if you lose it you can paste it in and try again.

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    • I should do this:

      Name: Ela

      Species: Velociraptor

      Gender: Female

      Personality: A little bit calmer then Wraak

      History: Same as Wraak.

      Age: same as Wraak

      Importance: Major

      Appearence: Gray with Shadow's bloody red on the wings and tail. If you look at her from certain angles she looks brown.


        "Arghhh...Morning...I mean, night, sis" - said Wraak.

        "Mor...Night" - Ela was very sleepy.

        "Old habits, huh? Hehe, your mother, Telemolon and Shadow were always like that, when they started sleeping at the day!"

        Wraak and Ela stared at Rey angrily. They didn't like being reminded of their mother.

         "What is up with you two? If you can't handle some exercise, how then do you hunt?" - Rey was very strict.

        "If you were running around in a forest, that you don't know anything about, chased by Dilos, for hours, only to run from Proceratosauruses through the deserted plains you would be tired too! This is a challenge even for a lucky bitten!" - protested Wraak.

        "You didn't say anything about a chase when you got here!"

        "Yes, because we were tired and fell asleep at the cave's entrance!" - said Ela.

        "No, you didn't! You started talking about running in circles and triangles or something in that matter, then you barfed all over the walls! I haven't slept that night, so i can clean it up!"

       "Sorry, uncle. We probably didn't mean to. You can sleep and we will go for food." - said Wraak.

       "OK, but be alert. I don't mess with the people outside of my cave if they aren't my prey, because there are some very nasty thing going on here. Be careful!'


      Rey's cave is located at the eastern end of High Jungle


        Wraak and Ela are out around the Watering hole when they notice what is happening between Midas and the Rebels, but they don't hear anything. They approach the Rebels.

        "What is going on here? Do you need help?" - Wraak asks.  

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    • "No, we don't need help. What we do need, however, is for you two to get out of here now. If the Outlaws catch us, they'll not only kill the six of us, but you two as well. So unless you don't value your life, I recommend you run as far awa--"

      Adder is cut off by snarling.

      Six Proceratosaurus drop down from the trees, their teeth glowing silver in the moonlight. Their gray feathers and red eyes made them look like wolves, and they snarled and howled like dogs.

      The six run in a circle around the group of eight, but suddely stop and make the circle larger. Two figures run into the formation, one being The Great Bandit, the other being a blue, larger, female Proceratosaurus.

      Adder recognizes her.

      "Oh, it's you."

      While The Great Bandit and Lucious start arguing, Adder stares at the Proceratosaurus.

      "We found you, huh? 'Cause good old Midas over here told me! Ahuhuhuhuh...AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Ha. Eheheh..."

      "Look, I don't like you, and I'm sure you don't like me. But can you please let us live for now so that we can get the fuck out of here?" Adder pleads.

      "Sorry. Bonesaw's orders. This time...We'll kill you off for real! I want to..." she stared directly into Adder's eyes "...analyze you! And take your skull...then maybe your life!"

      God, she sounds like a psychopath. "Uh, no, you will not take anybody's life, and if you think about doing so, you'll get punched so hard you fly into Hell!"

      "Fair enough."

      "So, what, are you going to leave us alone?"

      "Naw, that would be too boring!"

      "You know this weirdo?" Cinder asks.

      "What, none of you heard of Gloom?" Adder answers back. "My worst enemy, bane of my existance ever since she captured my father Kragok, feared nocturnal assassin?"


      "Listen," Gloom says. "We don't want you, Adder. We want your friends! We'll tie them up to a tree, dump oil down their throats, and set their bodies on fire! And what do we do after that, Midas?"

      The Great Bandit stops arguing with Lucious to answer the question. "We eat 'em!"

      "Oh, great, now I have to deal with three gangs coming after us. Nice. We're moving out for sure," Adder grumbles. "Oi, Lucious, you get the Ostricho-Mime, and I'll get the psychopathic little girl, sound good? Everyone else, get the Proeratosaurus!"

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    •  "Outlaws?TF are these?" - asks Wraak - "Ela, go get Rey, I'm gonna help these guys!"

       "I am NOT leaving you alone!" - answered Ela.

       "I'm not alone, now go!"

       As Wraak was saying that he jumped on one of the Proceratosaurus' back and started scratching and biting. He was thrown off and almost stomped. He started jumping around, it looked almost like he was dancing. He was scratching like crazy - the legs and abdomens of some Proceratosauruses were covered in blood. One time he was able to reach one the enemy's eye. Wraak stuck his long nail deep into the dino's eyeball. He heard a scream of pain. He was kicked and thrown out of the battlefield. His arm was fractured. Wraak got up and climbed the nearest tree so he can watch the battle and look out if more of them were coming.

        Loading editor
    • "What do you Outlaws have against us, anyways? We don't do anything wrong, and in the words of my creator's History teacher, we don't do anything stupid. If anything, we prevent you Outlaws from doing anything stupid!"

      Adder slaps Gloom in the face, who proceeds to slam Adder into the ground.

      "Could use some help right now..." Adder looked around. Cinder, Stalagmite, Rover, Lucious, and Drift were doing a pretty good job of beating up the Proceratosaurus. Lucious stops attacking the Proceratosaurus and runs to Adder. Both of them start attacking Gloom and The Great Bandit as much as they can.

      The tide suddenly turns, however, and Gloom grabs Adder. She dunks his head into the Watering Hole and holds him there as she hacks away at him. Adder is clearly dying over here, Lucious is getting kicked in the face repeatedly by The Great Bandit, the others are still fighting the six Proceratosaurus...

        Loading editor
    • Drift was sort of standing in the middle of the action the whole time, considering he hasn’t picked a side, he was just enjoying the view. The scene was beautiful, Rover was immobilizing a protsaurus whatever while staligmite was slapping him hard across the face. Lucious was rodeoing on the back of a galli, amazing sight.


      He walks over to a small bush next to a rock, squashes down the bush as a cushion and rested his back across the rock, he looked to is side, a small picnic basket sat next to him along with a radio. He pulled a serviette out and stuffed the corner down his his top under his neck. He started flicking through the radio stations and settled for an opera song that matched the action. The picnic basket has a small chicken and cheese sandwich, a bottle of wine and a wine glass. He lefts the sandwich close to his face and looks toward the view, taking a nice big bite of the juicy chicken. He places down the sandwich and takes the wine and rips out the cork. He sniffs the essence coming from the bottle and pours a glass, drinking it in favour of its flavour. He looks at the action, the allies [and the raptors] as getting their buts handed to them, quite literally, each being taken down and overpowered. Drift removes the serviette and starts walking off, then he stops, in a deep inner argument with his conscious.


      All of the above is a joke, I’ll be doing a lot of that with Drift.


      The bandit has Lucious on the ground, foot on his neck, Rover has one guy holding his head and the other holding his tail, everyone was down and being held still, they have lost this battle.


      Then they see a large rock, a boulder, rolling their way, the distractions gives Adder an open window and he takes it, kicking someone in the bhind which leads a chain of escapes. Drift stands on the boulder running backwards to push it along, he was talking as he went. Opera music was still playin in the background, the boulder bumped up as he ran over his target, then again, the again. Then the music stopped, he looked around and the bandit was holding the cord to the radio. Drift was unpleased “You dare turn off my tunes” The bandit pulled a small ipod from his feathers “If we do this, we do it to some real music” Ipod shuffle and away we go. The bandit pressed a few buttons and then “Call me maybe came on?” The bandit was obviously embarrassed, trying to turn off the music “That’s not mine, I don’t know how that got there” Drift grew a dim smile “Sure sure, might music man, Hey Everyone, Our DJ Likes Girls Music”


      Hahah, why is no one laughing?


      “Ha, here we go, take a bite of this” the bandit snarled


      Starts playin the meme song “Never gonna give you up”

        Loading editor

      Adder finally recovers and does a flip out of the water, in the process kicking Gloom in the face. Gloom screeches and labds directly onto The Great Bandit. Lucious takes the advantage and pounces, leaving them both as fodder for Drift's ridiculously powerful beak.

      He slashes The Great Bandit with his jaws. Rover slaps a Proceratosaurus in the face, and Stalagmite stomps on two at once. The kings have returned.

      Adder then slams The Great Bandit into a rock, breaking an arm. Both he and Gloom get up and run.

      "Grrgh...I can't keep up! I'll flee for now!" Gloom swears revvenge on Adder.

      The Proceratosaurus gang runs, with the exception of one, who doesn't survive.

      "Whew. THAT was the toughest fight I have ever gotten into," Adder declares. "Mkay. Tommorrow we have to move out. Goodnight. Get some rest, everyone, you all deserve it."

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    • "Well, you havent seen it from my perspecive yet" Laughed Drift.

      WARNING-Im going to do a small amount of character control here, for comedy reasons.

      "And you say your not on any sides"

      "Im not, i was really considering leaving you all for dead, because this isnt my fight, Republic vs The sith, who will win? I dont know. may the force be with you"

      "What on earth are you talking about" mumbles Lucious, confused.

      "Thats up to you to decide"

      Warning-character control about to comence

      Cinder/orStalicmite/orAdder walks in "You fought well, you should probably pick a side though, bad things happen to the undecisive, you need to chose, outlaw or rebel"

      Drifts turns his head toward whoever spoke such words. "Yeh, well im gonna kick your butt, would you like me to kick the left or right side"

      Somewhat offended, said spoksman may just have an outburst???

        Loading editor
    • Adder said that, of course.

      "Neither. Unless you want to be brutally maimed and left for dead as food for the Outlaws. I'm not doing this to make fun of you. I'm doing this for your safety.

      "How about this: if you become a Rebel, great. But if you become an Outlaw, you may never see me, my friends, or your friends ever again...On the bright side, we won't attack you. So, I'll give you some time to think about it. Please have an answer by tomorrow? I'm sorry, I really don't want to fight you. Goodnight."

      With that Adder jumps into the tree and falls asleep.

      The Great Bandit, Gloom, and one of the Proceratosaurus returns to General Bonesaw's lair.

      "General...We have failed in our mission. The Rebels were just too strong..." The Proceratosaurus starts talking.

      Bonesaw cuts off the Proceratosaurus. He lunges forwards, slamming him into a rock. The unlucky victim screeches as Bonesaw slices away at his minion, punching him in the face, stomping on his legs, chomping on his arms.


      "Shut you mouth; all I need from you is your cooperation so that I can eradicate you! You disgusting filth of a dinosaur on this disgusting filth of a planet!"


      "One word and I'm going to make your life hell." Bonesaw bites the Proceratosaurus's neck, breaking some bones.


      Bonesaw ties the Proceratosaurus to a stake. He then forcefully dumps oil down his throat, and throws a flame at him, exploding his stomach and organs.

      "Sheezus christ, Bonesaw, at least give the poor fucker a chance at life!" Even The Great Bandit is horrified at Bonesaw's brutal killing(strike that...torturing/slow and painful death) methods.

      "Only the Outlaws deserve to live on this planet. The Rebels, with their shrivelled and blackened hearts...They are all in agreement. To destroy us and our aims for a better world. Our views are the only correct ones, and when we unite, we will change the world not for worse but for good. Those who do not believe the same must be purged!"

      "So, what are you gonna kill us?" The Great Bandit is trembling with fear.

      "No, fool, I'm keeping you and Gloom alive. But just this once...Next time there will be no mercy."

      "Thank you..."

      "I have been nice today. Pray I do not send both of you directly to Old One Eye the next time you screw up."

      Both of them scream internally. They just saw Bonesaw kill his own minion, one can only wonder how Ol' One Eye kills people...

      "Tomorrow. Hunt the Rebels down wherever they are, and kill them. Do not have any sympathy for them. In this world...we either kill or be killed!"

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    • Mombling to himself "Hm, i dont think he can say i wont see my own friends again, and be sucessful"

      "Im no chosing a side, just be happy i helped. You should know well im keeping the way of our forfathers.

      The lucky mountain, the efforts of Extinction to release bats over our land, was not the sacrifice worth the peace of the land, is it not a waste"

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    • "Your forefathers? Well, whatever, no problem. It's only what's right."

      With that Adder falls asleep, and the others follow.

      Naturally Cinder is the first one to wake up the next day.

      "Woohoo! Ready for the big move today?" Cinder does a flip and lands on the ground.

      Adder makes a half-assed attempt at a flip and falls on his face.


      The others wake up and descend the tree like a normal animal would do.

      "So, where are we moving now?" Cinder asks Lucious, Rover, and Adder.

      "Hhhmmm...Wee ccoullddd mmoooovvveeee too thee Hiigh Jjuuunggle, bbuuttt thheerree aarree tonnss off Maassiakassaurusss, it iss nottt guaranteeed that wee willl bee sssafee theeree. Thhhheeee ooottthhherrr ooopppptttiiiioooonn iss ttthhhe Deesseerrtteed Ppllaainns..."

      "We could always try the Sandstone Seas if we're really desperate, which we're not, or the Mountains of Nothingness, but good luck finding your way around up there," Adder adds(no pun intended).

      "So that leaves the High Jungle and Deserted Plains, huh?"

      Everyone stops and takes a vote. Adder does not take part in the vote, which means that there are five voters and not six.

      Cinder and Stalagmite vote to stay in the Deserted Plains. Drift, Lucious, and Rover's votes depend on what Jaigantic wants.

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    • "You see them, Gloom? We will stalk them until they settle down, does that sound good?" The Great Bandit stares at the six making their way through the Y-Knot and to the west.

      "No, if we do follow them, we'll get massacred again...We need to form a posse."

      "We need to farm oppossums!?"

      Silence. Thankfully the six don't notice them.

      Gloom talks again. "A posse. We need to form. A. Posse."

      "Oh, I thought you wanted us to farm oppossums. Well, that would be fun, wouldn't it?"

      "Stay here, Midas. I'm going to gather reinforcements."

      Gloom runs to Mount Kratakota to gather some Outlaws, meanwhile The Great Bandit climbs up into the canopy and stalks the group from overhead...

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    • Gonna introduce Bonesaw now.

      Name: General Bonesaw

      Species: Lythronax

      Gender: Male

      Age: 35 Lythronax years(20 human years)

      Appearance: His skin is completely black, with a few red tints here and there, not from skin, but from blood. He has a skull-like face and black eyes with very tiny red pupils. The feathers on his neck are dark blue; they are very long and give off the impression of a cape.

      Personality: He has no allegiance to politics and no mercy to Rebels, but no hatred to Outlaws. Bonesaw is well-known and feared for his sadistic torture of his victims, and his vast hoard of trophies. Everyone steers clear of him unless necessary, even the Outlaws, lest they suffer the same fate as the skulls in his lair...

      Likes: Watching his victims die slowly and painfully.

      Dislikes: The Rebels, his fellow Outlaws, his Proceratosaurus gang, and those that do not agree with his beliefs.

      History: One night, a Shaochilong Rebel named Crowned Dragon invaded a small den. He tried to steal some food stored at the back of the den, but was effortlessly killed by none other than Bonesaw. Bonesaw shaved off Crowned Dragon’s skull and kept it as a trophy. Since then he became a high-ranking “commander” of the Outlaws, hunting down the opposition with occasional help from his gang of six Proceratosaurus, though he prefers to kill Rebels alone.

      Territory: Mount Kratakota

      Size: ⭐️⭐️

      Class: Outlaw

      Importance: Secondary

      General Bonesaw’s collection, in chronological order(all of these are Rebels except for Red Baron, Nightshade, King Brock, the Bounty Hunter, the Predator, and the Shadow Lord):

      Crowned Dragon the Shaochilong(killed in the time between the first and second year)

      Red Baron the Nyctosaurus(remember that guy?)(killed upon Kaiser Greedy’s entry)

      Bertha the Tenontosaurus(killed upon Kaiser Greedy’s entry)

      The Bounty Hunter(Dilophosaurus)(killed when Ancile faced Extinction the first time)

      The Predator(Pachycephalosaurus)(killed when Ancile tried to commit suicide)

      The Shadow Lord(Cryolophosaurus)(killed when Ancile faced Extinction the second time)

      Alpha the Deinonychus(killed two days after Extinction’s death)

      Lena the Therizinosaurus(killed three weeks after Extinction's death)

      Sledge the Shunosaurus(killed a year after Extinction’s death)

      Impaler the Triceratops(killed at the same time as Sledge)

      Swift Foot the Gallimimus(killed a day after the deaths of Sledge and Impaler)

      Lone Chieftain the Pentaceratops(killed two days after Swift Foot’s death)

      Bastion the Hylaeosaurus(killed three years after Extinction’s death)

      King Brock the Majungasaurus(killed four years after Extinction’s death)

      Radnad the Corythosaurus(killed a day before the night the new RP started)

      Nightshade the Tyrannosaurus rex(killed the same night the new RP started)

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    • Just remember to informally call the wicked arthropleura Extintion, only a few knew him as glove.

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    • Wraak didn't notice when he fell asleep. When he woke up, he felt pain in his fractured arm, but ignored it. He noticed that the Rebels are arguing, he jumped off the tree and got closer to them. "Morning! Sorry if I interupt your discussion, but I have some serious questions. Firstly, I would like to know who these guys from the night are. Secondly, if you don't mind I would ask why were they fighting and for what." - said Wraak. - "And I won't accept the "They are the Outlaws, get out of here" answer!"

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    • Oh, wow, that's nice, I try to edit a post that I published on a computer and edit it on a phone and now the whole thing got butchered.

      "I'll tell you what's going on. The Outlaws are a group of corrupt animals. They seek only to destroy us all so that they can own the Rift all for themselves!" Adder speaks to Wraak.

      "That's why us Rebels exist. We try to stop the Outlaws from tearing apart the Rift...They seek Rebels and massacre us, and they seem to target us in particular...Mostly because of what our fathers have done to their numbers..."

      "Who?" Wraak asks.

      "Our fathers...You do not know them? Ancile...Charizard...Paragon...Kragok...They have done justice to the Outlaws...Kaiser...Extinction...

      "Do you see why the Outlaws attack us? It is because they wish to take this world for themselves, leaving none of it for others!"

      Wraak still doesn't get it.

      "The gang from the night...That is only a fraction of their population. I feel that they would probably sic the entire population on us...They kill anyone affilated with the Rebels. So I recommend you leave for your safety. And your arm is broken...You're in no condition to fight off posse after posse like we have to."

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    • "OK, got it. I actually have heard of Ancile. My grandpa, Shadow, have known him. They weren't friends, but weren't rivals also. I haven't heard the others. You may ask if have lived under a rock my hole life, and I'll say I lived under a corral." - said Wraak - "And also, Shadow has fought someone called Grim, who wanted to take over the Watering hole. He is an Outlaw, right?"

      "Wow, I am very stupid." - said Wraak after a moment - "I demand for things, when I haven't even said my name yet. I am Wraak, brother of Ela, our father is Greon, our mother is Resseona, daughter of Shadow and Nelenia, sister of Telemolon, Colossal, Bolona and Rey." Then he finally realises that he is talking way too much and stops for a moment.

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    • Sigh, dont use Gloves name, Use Extinction, not many people know him as glove and it would therefore be confusing.

      Lucious and Rover dont even vote, they dont need to, neither can survive in the desert, so that leaves little choice. High Jungle it is. Drift was still half asleep, his alarm went off, beep beep beep beep beep *SMASH* "why on earth do i have an alam clock" 

      Lucious looked over to Drift "You gonna vote on where we go?"

      With his claws in his eyes, rubbing away, he responds "I don't need to, you guys are comming with me to the crumble of the Lucky mountain"

      Everyone was somewhat surprized, one does not simply venture cloes to the remains of that mountain, the bats are not a friendly as they use to be, and the giant Onycs tend to venture in and around the remains, and they are very aggressive, as useral. "We can't go there, they would kill us before the outlaws do"

      "Thats not my problem, your comming"

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    • "Tch...Fine. We're going to the Ruined Castle. Be on your guard," Adder finally decides.

      Our heroes(Drift=Anti-hero?) begin to make a long and arduous trek to the former Mount Luckyone...

      Gloom and The Great Bandit march east with their posse. Behind them are a Stegosaurus, ten Bambiraptors, two Tenontosaurus, three Deinonychus, a Troodon, three Pachycephalosaurus, an Austroraptor, and two Megalosaurus. The great posse massacres anybody they see; should one dare to walk in their path, the posse brutally mutilates them without ceasing their advance. Anyone who dares dance with these devils will meet a devilish demise...

      A passerby sees the posse and runs as far away as possible. Once the Rebels settle down next to the Ruined Castle, the passerby walks up to Adder...

      ...and says, "Glory, Adder, long time no see!"

      Adder looks up at the voice.

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    • Name: Randall

      Species: Iguanodon

      Gender: Male

      Age: 20 Iguanodon years(20 human years)

      Appearance: A tan Iguanodon with blue and green stripes.

      Personality: A very smart individual, he always calculates his opponents and looks for their weak points. Due to being raised by actual parents, he learned a number of skills(he even speaks some French!). He also has a strange obsession for whacking things with his head.

      Likes: Warfare(but only for a cause), whacking things with his head, and food.

      Dislikes: Pointless fighting and the Outlaws.

      History: The oldest of our main characters, Randall is often known as the wisest in the group. This probably owes to the fact that he actually had a father to raise him. He taught Randall a number of efficient techniques, both in and out of battle. When Randall was 10 years old his parents were captured by Gloom and were executed at Mount Kratakota. Since then Randall lived with the Rebels.

      Territory: Deserted Plains

      Size: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

      Class: Good

      Importance: Major

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    • "Hey, Randall! How have you been?"

      "I'm doing fine, I just escaped prison," Randall says, looking off to the side. He had a Yorkshire accent. "A year ago they captured Radnad and me. We got thrown into prison, and Radnad was executed three days ago. I managed to escape, and I spent a few days looking for you."

      Drift and Rover slither up to Randall, hissing and hooting angrily. They seem ready to kill Randall, mistakening him for an Outlaw, but Randall punches them aside. "Man, all these years I've spent in prison and this is what I come back to?"

      Adder and Cinder shrug. "Yeah, I guess," Adder mumbles.

      "i am very sorry for all of this, our friend lucious decided to bring his friends on this trip..."

      "I don't know why they decided to come with us, given that Mr. Drift over here decided to kill us! But whatever, they're also Rebels," Cinder tells Randall.

      "Oh, that's good. So who's the chunk of wood over there?"

      "Um, that's Drift."

      "And the Kelenken?"


      "Hm, they have the same na--Wait a minute..."


      "It's fine..." Randall comforts Cinder. "Anyways, I came here to tell you...THE OUTLAWS ARE COMING! You can't stay here; they'll spill your guts and leave you as food for the Proceratosaurus! I saw Radnad get executed that way! And why are you staying at the Ruined Castle, anyways?"

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    • "Well, I might as well come with you. The Proceratosauruses saw me fight, and I have an unusual coloring for a velociraptor and they'll remember me. I'll tell my uncle and sisiter and I'll catch up with you" - said Wraak, and did it. Short story short.

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    • Drift sits aside, looking at the rocks on the ground, and finally picking a sharp on up and start grazing huge chucks of keratin from his jaw.

      While he does it, he mumbles to himself "its only funny the first time, who on earth would compare me to a piece of wood, its different to calling someone a dorky armordillo"

      Rover goes and coils himself up next to him "I hate everything"

      "Couldnt aggree more"

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    • Scraping your own mouth with a rock...That's gotta hurt.

      "Well, at least the eight of us are situated here...Here's hoping the bats don't kill us..."

      "Whadya mean, Adder, the bats won't kill us!" Cinder yelled this happily like everything that came out of her mouth. "We can always do well in this world if we--"


      The eight stop and look at the source of the sound.

      Gloom and The Great Bandit charge out of the bushes with their posse running behind them. It's eight on twenty-five.

      "We've got you cornered now...Ahuhuhuhuh..."

      "Gloom, you know something?" Adder asks the Proceratosaurus. "With your obnoxious attitude and creepy laugh, it's a wonder how General Bonesaw hasn't killed you so that this world can be ridded of your presence."

      "And it's a wonder how you're not dead yet!"

      "Perhaps it's because we're actually competent at what we do? I can't think of any person that could waste their entire life trying to kill one person and not succeed. And how did you even know we were moving here, anyways?"

      "We stalked you through the Plains!"

      "Of all the things you could be doing with your life you decided to stalk us to death. When this is done, let's see who will face death next."

      "Enough whining!" The Great Bandit splits up the two. He then walks back into formation with his three Deinonychus. Adder could tell that from the way the Deinonychus were reeling and staggering they may have eaten too much fermented fruit and become drunk. The only thing worse that fighting three dromaeosaurids is fighting three drunk dromaeosaurids.

      Randall stared one of the Megalosaurus down. The Megalosaurus had red skin with white stripes and black eyes, like a cardinal. "It's The Betrayer...The one who captured and killed Radnad...I won't ever forgive you!"

      "Well, enough of revenge!" Lucious tells Randall. "We have to fight off this posse now!"

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    • Adder walks up to Drift. "It's okay, I hate everything as well." He then walks back into formation, right in the center next to Lucious.

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    • Also, you said who would compare Drift to wood.

      The name?

      Drift wood?

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    • How would the iguanadon compare him to wood when he dosnt know his name?

      Rover litrally looks like wood.

      Drfit has no nerves in his beak, as i stated earlyer, he has a keratin growth disorder, he has such a powerful bite because he sharpens his beak.

      Drift is looking for an easy way out, he spots one, the three deinonychus and the austroraptor seem like an easy target, break open the formation and jump over the revean, SOME of the others can follow, not everyone can jump a ravean. There is a unstable stone bridge they can cross, but for now, we need to deal with the following evil doers.

      As they are cornered, you can here the posse mummble to themselves indervidully. Drift remains still, in formation, yet still scraping keratin from his beak with his left foot. The austroraptors mummbles something in the distance "The bird is mine"

      Drift instantly retaliates "Bite Me Bucko" he is trying to push the austros buttons, maybe he can get one so eager to kill that the formation breaks. The expression the austros face was pretty convincing that Drift was going to have an easy target to fight. Then, a great face off "Kill them" the brutal forces collide.

      The austro launches at Drift "Time to PAY" Drift makes a quick reaction and lifts his foot up, his legs enough to block the austro off so he cant reach, the austro thrusts his head and claws around, trying to pry the foot out the way. Drift moves his head back in disgust "Time for a mint" Offending the austro greatly. "Ok, NOW YOUR REALLY IRRITATING ME" Drift is highly enjoying himself. "Stop yelling, your blowing more of your fishy breath at me, get back" as he says get back, he jumps and with both legs fly kicks the austro back, knocking him out.

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    • "Okay, I get the one on the left and you get the one on the right," Randall tells Adder. The third Deinonychus is being beaten up by Rover.

      "No, I get the one on the right and you get the one on the left," Adder argues back, not realizing what he just said was completely redundant.

      "That was LITERALLY what I said."

      "Whatever! I get the one on the left, you get the one on the right!"

      "Cela me semble bien!"(Sounds good to me!)

      Both of them whack heads and charge at the drunk carnivores. Adder sidesteps the dromaeosaurid and attempts to slash, but his target jumps out of the way and runs in a circle, screaming his head off for no reason. Eventually he trips and belly flops on Adder.

      Adder rolls on his back and kicks the Deinonychus in the face. It flies backward, and Adder bites down onto its neck for good measure. The Deinonychus roars at the Dilophosaurus and makes a run for it in the form of an extremely retarded fast-paced waddle.

      The second Deinonychus jumps over Randall in an attempt to confuse him. But nothing confuses Randall; he calculates the Deinonychus's position and lands a perfectly-timed tail slap to the face without even looking. The Deinonychus gets right back up for more and jumps on Randall's face. He roars and slams directly into Wraak, who pounces on the Deinonychus. The Deinonychus dislodges itself from Randall's face, and the Iguanodon headbutts the Deinonychus into a tree.

      Adder and Randall do a fistpump and run towards the Stegosaurus with Lucious.

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    • By the way, whenever the Rebels fight, they always stand in this formation:

















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    • Mhm

        Loading editor
    • This is the enemy's formation right now:
























      The Great Bandit



      The Betrayer


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    • Adder, Randall, and Lucious charge at the Stegosaurus. It swings its tail, and the ten Bambiraptors jump off the stegosaur. They swarm the three, almost like a relentless group of bugs.

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    • Wraak takes the left flang, attacking the Tenontosaurus and a Megalosaurus. He fakes a jump and goes under the Tenontosaurus' belly, while the bambiraptors are still on top. He made long, deep scratches. Blood was all over him. Wraak deepens the scratches. The Tenontosaurus screams and falls on one side, breathing heavily. Wraak jumps into him and feels great pain. He forgot about his broken arm. He almost fainted. The bambiraptors are coming towards him. Wraak was able to break one's skull with his claws, a kick was able to puncture the second attacker's lungs. The third bambiraptors got close to him and, seeing Wraak's broken arm, attacked it. Wraak fall of the Tenontosaurus' corpse (he died from blood loss), which saved him from being eaten by the Megalosaurus. The headless bambiraptor fell close to him. The Megalosaurus looked around and spotted Wraak. He got up and dodged the bite, jumped and climbed on his head. The next moment the Megalosaurus screamed in pain and started blindly running around. Wraak hold on to his life and stayed on top. The Megalosaurus tripped on the Tenontosaurus' carcass, slamming his head on the ground and breaking his neck. Wraak fell off and broke the same arm, he broke before on another place. He cut open the Tenontosaurus and fell unconscious in it's inners. This was his first major fight along with the Rebels and he was half dead. This time luck was on his side, he knows that and promises himself that he will train more if he wants to fight better.

      "Well, I have been fighting along them two times now" - said Wraak's consciousness, when he regained it, reffering to the Rebels - "The Outlaw's leader, or the leader of that group of Outlaws should have seen me by now. Well, I have no choice I guess. I hope they woun't find Ela or Rey."

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    • Drift was fighting off the Troodon when he suddenly is jerked backwards. Randall turn around and sees Drift. "Oh, glory!" Randall yells in fright. The Outlaws caught Drift!

      The Betrayer had grabbed Drift by the neck and was hauling him into the undergrowth. Adder and Lucious run to help Drift as Randall fights the Stegosaurus.

      Adder tries to attack The Betrayer from behind, but is thrown onto the ground. He then swings his face into Lucious, throwing him against a rock. The Betrayer punches Adder in the face repeatedly while Drift begins to bleed severely...

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    • Wraak wakes up. He hears screams outside and slowly and painfully get out of the Tenontosaurus' inners. He sees a Megalosurus beating up Drift, while Adder and Lucious try to help him. Before he can go closer the Megalosurus starts attacking Lucious and then Adder. He makes a run for it.

      "Hey, you, the Megalosurus! Bet you won't believe I just killed your friend! Come on, look!" - said Wraak, trying to get The Betrayer's attention off of the others.

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    • Drift, sharpended his beak for a reason, it would be a shame if he only kicked people. Drift blood spills over the ground, but lets not give in now, he turns his head and full on slices the arm off his attacker.

        Loading editor
    • "Whaaaaat!?"

      The Betrayer swung his head at Drift, only to get it cleaved off by none other than Adder.

      Suddenly screaming and howling filled the area. Lucious and Adder ran out of the undergrowth, both of them hauling Drift. " bothered to save me?" Drift is surprised by this act of kindness.

      "Yeah, I'm really sorry about that. I know you probably didn't want my help..." Adder looks away.

      All three look at the warzone. Everyone freezes as a figure rides out of the dust.

      It is none other than General Bonesaw, leading a giant Lambeosaurus with blue-green skin and a massive head crest.

      "LIGHT 'EM UP, TOMAHAWK!" The Lambeosaurus, named Tomahawk, charged forward with its head down, crushing skulls and ribs as it ran. It turned around and slammed its head into Rover, flinging the snake ten feet into the air.

      (NOTE: Please do not kill Tomahawk.)

      A gang of four Proceratosaurus followed behind Boensaw; if they aren't hunting in a group of six they're hunting in a group of four. Behind them are a Staurikosaurus, an Allosaurus, and two Dromaeosaurus. It is clear thay the Rebels definitely cannot win this fight; it's six against a vast army deadset on killing them. Do not even attempt to resist, for they are out for blood...

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    • Drift looks to adder, "im just playin ya, what took you so long" jokingly punching adder in the shoulder.

        Loading editor
    • Adder and the other Rebels walk up to the impressive posse of Outlaws. General Bonesaw was directly in the center.

      "Oh, hey, aren't you that mean little--"

      "SILENCE! You will only speak when I command you to!" Bonesaw swings his head at Adder, flinging him backwards into Rover.

      Next Drift tries to crack a joke. "What's with the little cape? And why the name? General Bonesaw? What, was "Hitler von Killingstein" too awesome for--"

      Bonesaw bares all ninety of his teeth, and this is more than enough to send Drift into a panicked silence.

      "Listen to me...REBELS. I do not care about politics. I do not care for my armies. I do not care about you. I only care about the day you die!"

      Tomahawk bellows and laughs in approval.

      "Oh, yay, not even one hour of living here and Bonesaw wants to kill us. Well, isn't this week great," Lucious grumbles.

      The two armies stare each other down. Then...(a new Rebel/Neutral/Leaning Rebel characters enters)

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    • A Fandom user
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