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A female Therizinosaurus looks for food in a forest.
Basic Information
Real Creature Therizinosaurus cheloniformis
Nature Neutral
Health Points 70
Attack Damage 8 1/2 Hearts
Feathers Set to true by default.

7.3 UPDATEEdit

Therizinosaurus (meaning "Scythe lizard") is a prehistoric creature that was added in the 7.3.1 update. It is a genus of therizinosaurid coelurosaur theropod that lived around 70 mya. They grow to approximately 5 blocks tall and 9 blocks long. Males have blue face patches over the grey of females.

It can drop Therizinosaurus meat, Therizinosaurus claws, leg bones, arm bones, rib cages, vertebrae, claws, feet, and skulls upon death. Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.


The Therizinosaurus is a neutral mob, and will only attack the player or another mob if they attack first. When attacking, they swipe their right claws at opponents. Adult Therizinosaurus are able to break any block that is weaker than iron. They will wander around to look for plants, like flowers, when hungry, but due to their long necks they will eat trees over most other plants. Therizinosaurus is diurnal, and sleeps in the night.

If there is both a Male and Female adult Therizinosaurus they can breed every few minutes.


Therizinosaurus, like most prehistoric creatures, is tamed with a Whip. When tamed, it cannot be ridden, despite its large size. It can be ordered with a Stick.


Therizinosaurus automatically eat plants when they are hungry. They will also eat from a Feeder if they can see them. Therizinosaurus can be hand-fed wheat, apples, melons, carrots, sugar, sugarcane, cookies, potatoes, cake, any seeds, ferns, and bread.



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