Tethered Log
Happy dryo
A dryosaurus playing with a tethered log.
Stack Size 64
Tethered logs are enrichment items (like the ball and scratching post) that were added in the 7.3 update. Enrichment items serve to increase a prehistoric creature's mood, measurable by the happiness scale shown in the DinoPedia. Because they are coded as an entity, tethered logs have half a heart of "health." Since they have such low "health," it is relatively easy for a creature's attack to break the tethered log. When broken, they will drop as an item.  



Tethered logs are crafted using 2 string and 1 block of wood arranged as in the crafting recipe shown above. The wood may be of any type, including palaeoraphe logs, but the item will always appear to be made of oak.


A prehistoric creature's happiness influences its behavior in several ways. Low happiness can lead to hostility or lack of reproduction. The tethered log's main use is to improve the happiness of these creatures. In order to use a tethered log, right click on the underside of a block (note: it is more than one block tall). This will hang the tethered log. If an unhappy mob encounters the tethered log, it will display its attack animation towards it, "playing" with it. The log will swing as it is hit. To take down the tethered log, punch it and it will return to your inventory.