Tamed Zombie Pigman
Tamed piggies!
Two tamed zombie pigmen being ordered to sit.
Basic Information
Nature Tamed
Health Points 20
Attack Damage 4.5 hearts (on normal mode)
Tamed zombie pigmen are created by striking a pig with the ancient sword while wearing the ancient helmet. When created, the pigman will shout, "My lord! I will fight for you till the death!" From then on, this pigman exhibits the same characteristics as a regular zombie pigman, except it talks and behaves sort of like a tamed wolf. It will follow the player around and kill any mobs that the player attacks or is attacked by. Once it kills something, the pigman will shout, "I have killed another creature for you!" Also, if you right click the pigman, it will sit down and say, "I will do whatever my Lord commands me to do." It will remain sitting where it is and will not follow you any longer. If you hit or kill a tamed pigman, the other tamed pigmen will not become aggressive and untamed. They will also not attack their fellow tamed pigmen, either.