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The original 19 skull items, in alphabetical order of species.
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The skull is an item that can be dropped by many prehistoric creatures upon death or by mining fossil blocks. There is an individual skull item for each creature that drops it, and each (with the exception of the new terror bird skulls) has its own unique item texture.

7.2 UPDATE Edit

The list of animals with skulls does not include mammals, birds, coelacanths, or nautilus. In this version, skulls do not produce bonemeal or DNA. They can, however, be used in creating skull helmets, a type of skull armor.

7.3 UPDATE Edit

More animals have gotten skulls in this update, with the exclusion of nautilus and the 3 fish. Skulls can now be used to analyze DNA, but still cannot create bonemeal. They are still used in crafting skull armor. The following crafting recipe shows a ceratosaurus skull, but any species of skull should work.
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Skull Helmet