The skull (block) is a decorative item which can be used to craft various things. It can be mined from a fossil with a 10% of dropping and can be mined from permafrost with a 20% chance of dropping. It can be used as a jack-o-lantern when combined with a torch. It can be converted to bonemeal by itself. It can also be made into a skull stick with a stick, used for ordering large carnivores like Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus.

Recipes Edit

Workbench GUI.png



Skull Lantern

Workbench GUI.png



Skull Stick


Note: This video is outdated. The order drum currently has no purpose, and hitting the skull stick on the drum does nothing. The stick can control dinosaurs without the drum.
Minecraft Dinosaur Mod Block Exploration Skull Block00:56

Minecraft Dinosaur Mod Block Exploration Skull Block

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