Sentry Pigman
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Two sentry pigmen
Basic Information
Nature Hostile
Health Points 10
Attack Damage 4 hearts

Sentry Pigmen are hostile mobs that only spawn in and around Anu's Castle, alongside anubites. They can also be spawned by Anu during the boss battle. They make regular zombie pigmen sounds and somewhat similiar textures. Upon death, they drop rotten flesh and more rarely, gold blocks.


Sentry pigmen most commonly spawn outside the castle, but they can also be found inside. When they come across a player, they attack ferociously. Though slow moving, they deal a great amount of damage. Unlike anubites, sentry pigmen will attack players that equip an ancient helmet and an ancient sword.

In the later stages of the Anu fight, Anu will summon sentry pigmen to help him in battle. He normally summons one at a time, which serves to distract the player while Anu flies away to heal.

Sentry pigmen are very aggressive to Prehistoric Creatures. They can take out entire packs of Velociraptors, and a horde of Sentry pigmen can even kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus.