Scratching Post
Scratchy scratchy
Two deinonychus playing with a scratching post.
Stack Size 64

The scratching post is an enrichment item (like the tethered log and ball) that was added in the 7.3 update. Enrichment items serve to increase a prehistoric creature's mood, measurable by the happiness scale shown in the DinoPedia. Because they are coded as an entity, scratching posts have ten hearts of "health." They're meant to be indestructible, but if a creature's attack deals too much damage/knockback or is specifically designed to kill in one hit (like the spinosaurus), the scratching post will break and return to it's item state. 



To craft a scratching post, one needs to arrange 5 blocks of wool, 1 stick, and 1 wooden half slab as depicted in the recipe above. The wool can be any combination of colors and the half slabs can be any type of wood, including palaeoraphe and ancient wood.


A prehistoric creature's happiness influences its behavior in several ways. Low happiness can lead to hostility or lack of reproduction. The scratching post's main use is to improve the happiness of these creatures. In order to use a scratching post, right click the ground with the scratching post item (note: the scratching post is taller than a block and cannot be placed in water). This will place the scratching post on the ground. If an unhappy mob encounters the scratching post, it will display its attack animation towards it, "playing" with it. Even though they are meant to be stationary blocks, scratching posts can be pushed by flowing water and can be thrown with knockback attacks. To pick up the scratching post, punch it and pick up the item.