There are only a few Resource Packs of Fossil And Archeology Revival and most of them focuse on retexturing in 32x (resolution used in Resorce Packs such as Faithful). The only exception to that is Raptorfarian 16x Realism pack.

Fossil Archeology 32x32 by Woolies
2014-02-27 194357

An example of Woolies' resource pack.

32x32 F/A Mob texture Revival by BlueStreak52 (Not released yet)

32x32 F/A Item and New Block Texture Revival by Cliodna

32x32 Fossil and Archeology Revival The Rest by ZapikCZ

32x32 Mr. Cat's F/A Texture Pack[1] by Mr. Cat

F/A 16x16 realism texture pack by Raptorfarian

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