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A herd of quagga.
Basic Information
Real Creature Equus quagga quagga
Nature Passive
Health Points 25

Quaggas are horse-like mobs that were added in the 6.3 Build. It is the same size as a normal Minecraft horse and uses the same sounds as one. They drop quagga meat upon death. Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.

Note: The quagga has not seen any changes in the 7.3 Update.


Quaggas cannot be ordered fed, or aged like most prehistoric creatures can. As such, they will simply become an adult a short time after being born, like a vanilla animal. They behave like regular Minecraft horses, and run away when attacked. Their predators include titanis, phorusrhacos, and kelenken. Quaggas can wear saddles, horse armor, and chests. They can be bred with golden carrots once tamed.


Quaggas are tamed like normal Minecraft horses. The player must attempt to ride the adult quagga until it allows them to ride it (hearts will appear). Tamed quaggas can be equipped with saddles, horse armor, and chests.

A player riding a quagga.


A tamed quagga can only be controlled when ridden if it is wearing a saddle (it does not require a whip, as other prehistoric creatures do). It uses the same WASD controls as normal movement. They are as fast as a vanilla Minecraft horse; however, they unfortunately cannot jump. Water deeper than two blocks should be avoided because it causes the player to dismount.


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