A male Parasaurolophus basks in the sun.
Basic Information
Real Creature Parasaurolophus walkeri/tubicen
Nature Neutral
Health Points 70
Attack Damage 8 1/2 Hearts
Feathers None

7.3.1 UPDATEEdit

Parasaurolophus (par-ah-sawr-ol-oh-fus, meaning "Near Crested Lizard") is a very large herbivorous prehistoric creature from the late Cretaceous that was added in the "Dinosaur Renaissance" 7.3.1 Build. It is a genus of lambeosaurine hadrosaurid ornithopod that lived between 70.5 to 66.5 mya. They grow to approximately 5 blocks tall and 12 blocks long. Males have a brighter crest than females.

It can drop Parasaurolophus meat, Parasaurolophus crests, leg bones, arm bones, rib cages, vertebrae, feet, and skulls upon death.

Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.


The Parasaurolophus is a neutral mob, and will only attack the player or another mob if they attack first. When attacking, they charge and ram their opponents with their crests. They will wander around to look for plants, like flowers when hungry, and can eat from trees, the ground, the hand, and feeders. Parasaurolophus is diurnal, and sleeps in the night. They are able to break blocks weaker than iron.

If there is both a Male and Female adult Parasaurolophus they can breed every few minutes.


Parasaurolophus, like most prehistoric creatures, is tamed with a Whip. It can be ordered with a Stick.


Tamed Parasaurolophus are able to be ridden after they are adults. When ridden, Parasaurolophus won't go hungry or grow up. To ride it, the player must right-click it with a whip. It can be controlled only if the player is holding the whip. The controls are in the same WASD format as normal movement.


Parasaurolophus automatically eat plants when they are hungry. They will also eat from a Feeder if they can see them. Parasaurolophus can be hand-fed wheat, apples, melons, carrots, sugar, sugarcane, cookies, potatoes, cake, any seeds, ferns, and bread.