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Grove of Palaeoraphe Tree's

The Palaeoraphe Tree is an ancient tree that looks like a palm tree. It is based off the real life Palaeoraphe . It usually does not spawn naturally, but it can if the .config option is set to true. When it does spawn, it mostly does so in random mountain hot biomes (usually not in cold biomes).

The sapling for the tree is received when you put a Plant Fossil in a Culture Vat. When cut down, the Palaeoraphe tree has a chance to drop Palaeoraphe Saplings and rarely apples from its leaves. It only requires one bonemeal to grow and it will grow to 20+ blocks, so this tree is a good way to get lots of wood.

It is made from Palaeoraphe Logs making it the only way to get Palaeoraphe PlanksPalaeoraphe Stairs and Palaeoraphe Slabs.

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