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An orange pachycephalosaurus.
Basic Information
Real Creature Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
Nature Neutral
Health Points 19
Attack Damage 1 heart
Subspecies Orange - Default

Lime - Forests

Monochrome - Cold and mountainous biomes.

Modeled By Dragonith

7.2 UPDATEEdit

Pachycephalosaurus ("pak-ee-SEF-uh-lo-SAWR-us," meaning "Thick-Headed Lizard") are neutral prehistoric creatures that were added in Build 5.3. They grow to 2.5 blocks tall and 4 blocks long in ten Minecraft days. It can drop pachycephalosaurus meatpachycephalosaurs skull hornsleg bonesarm bonesrib cages, vertebraeclawsfeet, and skulls upon death. Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player. 


Pachycephalosaurus are neutral herbivores that will defend themselves when attacked. They ram their opponents with their bony skulls, knocking the opponent back. If one is attacked, other nearby pachycephalosaurus will become aggressive towards the attacker as well. Their predators include deinonychus, dilophosaurus, ceratosaurus, allosaurus, and tyrannosaurus.

Pachycephalosaurus breed every 5 minutes. The breeding probability is determined by the population of pachycephalosaurus nearby.


Pachycephalosaurus are tamable dinosaurs. The player simply needs to stay in a 6 block radius of the egg as it hatches and the hatchling will be tamed. If the player is not in this range, they must hand-feed it until it is tamed. It can be ordered by right-clicking it with a stick.


Pachycephalosaurus will find and eat leaves and plants (except for sarracenia or dillhoffia). They can also use a Feeder and see them within a certain range of blocks. They can be hand-fed wheat, melon, apples, bread and carrots.


Pachycephalosaurus Idle 1
Pachycephalosaurus living1
Pachycephalosaurus Hurt 1
Pachycephalosaurus hurt1
Pachycephalosaurus Idle 2
Pachycephalosaurus living2
Pachycephalosaurus Hurt 2
Pachycephalosaurus hurt2
Pachycephalosaurus Idle 3
Pachycephalosaurus living3
Pachycephalosaurus Death
Pachycephalosaurus death


Pachycephalosaurus preview
Basic Information
Real Creature Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
Nature  ???
Health Points  ???
Attack Damage  ???
Modeled By Bluestreak52 and Raptorfarian

7.3 UPDATEEdit

Coming soon!

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