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Green Mosasaurus

Mosasaurus (meaning "lizard of the Meuse River") are aggressive Mobs, based on a genus of unspecified Mosasaurus. They are long carnivorous, aquatic lizards, somewhat resembling flippered crocodiles, with elongated heavy jaws. They are the first dangerous water animals, the second being the Liopleurodon.

Like most other Mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world.


Mosasaurus are the largest aquatic carnivores in the mod, at just under 11 blocks long, and 2.8 blocks tall. They have a long dark body, as all other prehistoric aquatic creatures do, with a lighter underbelly. It has a crocodile-like head and jaws, with giant teeth poking out of its mouth, and it sports large red eyes. At the end of its tail is a fluke, which will propel it forward and will continue moving even if the Mosasaur stops. It is one of two fully aquatic reptiles along with Liopleurodon. It is fully grown at 11 days. 

It has two Subspecies: Blue and Green. To get the blue subspecies it must be hatched in an ocean, extreme hills, or any other biome except for plains, forest, and jungle. To get a green mosasaur it could be hatched in other biomes as a rare surprise and in forest, plains, and jungle biomes. 


Mosasaurus are aggressive carnivores with 33 heath. They attack with a wopping 4.5 hearts of damage on an unarmoured player. If you are near one, be warned, they will attack you even if unprovoked. They swim somewhat faster then the player, but they will only attack once, then back off, then attack again until the player is dead or has left the water. They are the most dangerous predator in the ocean, and will attack various fish and water Mobs.

It will only grow if it is in a 2 block or more water depth. Mosasaurus breed every 5 minutes. The breeding probability is handled by how many individuals nearby. Since they are aquatic animals, their eggs need to be placed in water.


Taming Ordering & FeedingEdit

Mosasaurus can't be tamed, and as such cannot be ordered or ridden. They are one of three significant Mobs that cannot be tamed, the other two being Spinosaurus and Liopleurodon.

They will seek out and eat other water Mobs. They can also be hand-fed all mod meat, fish, live Coelacanth and live Nautilus.

DinoPedia EntryEdit

Mosasaurus "Lizard of the Meuse River"


Mosasaurus were carnivores, feeding on other marine reptiles.

Mosasaurus is longer and more robust than its tylosaurine relatives


  • Mosasaurus Idle 1
Mosasaurus living1
  • Mosasaurus Idle 2
Mosasaurus living2
  • Mosasaurus Out Of Water 1
Mosasaurus outside1
  • Mosasaurus Out Of Water 2
Mosasaurus outside2
  • Mosasaurus Out Of Water 3
Mosasaurus outside3
  • Mosasaurus Out Of Water 4
Mosasaurus outside4
  • Mosasaurus Hurt
Mosasaurus hurt
  • Mosasaurus Attack
Mosasaurus attack1
  • Mosasaurus Death 1
Mosasaurus death1
  • Mosasaurus Death 2
Mosasaurus death2


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