aka Lindsay

  • My occupation is Wiki writer, lore writer, modeler, and texturer for F/A Revival.
  • I am Female. Pretty obvious from the username and all.
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  • Can we know at least month of release? :(

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  • The lioleurodons always spaz out or freeze in a certain location and I'm annoyed and don't know how to fix it

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  • Lord Helix said that there was a wiki for the Ice and Fire mod. Could you PLEAAASE send me a link to it? This is one of my favourite mods and I would love to contribute to it.

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  • I was just wondering what software does the team use to make the pixel art on the stone tablets?

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  • are you single?

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    I think i found a bug in the mod. Since I'm constantly adventuring and not building habitats for my created creatures, i set them on the "Stay" command.

    It turns out that whenever I leave the game with my creatures on "Stay", they wont follow me or move if I order them to .

    However, when I re-enter the world with them on follow or wander, they would start to move as usual

    Since I am playing a multiplayer world with my bro, it would be very inconvienient to constantly exit and enter the world

    Please, fix this bug.

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  • So anu is evil well why. So I thought he would get his evil traits from his father grandfather and great grandfather so why not have more ancient tablets that tell their story

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  • Um, sorry, but Tyranno requests we all go over to the "Discord." Could you please tell me where it is?

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  • Well, i wanted to play this mod on my new pc, and THIS happened

    The game crashed and it said the following

    The game crashed whilst starting integrated server

    Error: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError

    Take note that i tried almost everything possible. Installing Java 8, Removing other mods, but whenever I create a new world, the game crashes.

    Please help me with this problem

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    • Then the problem isn't in the mod. Try reinstalling Minecraft.

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    • tried

      I reset my whole pc. Deleted everything

      Now im praying

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I can't craft a Archeology Workbench

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