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Attention!: This is a page for fans to show off their maps and post downloads and such. Please do not add your map to this list if you do not have anything to show off (i.e. screenshots).

Abnethea MapEdit

2014-01-25 19.07.35

The first buildings on the map: A restaurant and a house.

A map about a tropical planet filled with Dinosaurs. Made up by JonaGold.

I am in need of:

Someone who can host a server.

-The info on how to make your world available for download.

-A few builders.

-And 1 TRUE dino expert. (over 50 species you must know)

Sneak Peak:

2014-01-27 12.54.32

The mosasaur bai. Located in front of the restaurant

2014-01-27 12.54.55

The public terrarium.

2014-01-27 12.55.13

Compys inside the public terrarium.

More info to come.

Ice Age Park Edit

2015-02-05 15.24.01

The Park.

It is a park with mammals . When you enter the other side is the other stuff and lots of stuff. It is located in the river and a hill.


Prehistoric Park Edit

2016-08-17 22.59.27

The Front Gate of the Park.

Creator: GameWorld_BG

Other mods used in the making:

  • Chisel 2
  • Carpenter's Blocks
  • Custom NPCs
  • Bibliocraft
  • Mr. Crayfish Furniture Mod

Seed: 2178644165272476558



2016-07-30 18.03.44

The restaurant/bar.

2016-07-29 11.22.06

Baby Ankylosaurus.

2016-08-17 22.57.36

A better view of the park.

2016-07-29 11.21.36

A part of the Ankylosaurus enclosure.

2016-08-17 22.58.49

"The Therizinosaurus Plains".

2016-08-17 22.58.33

The Hotel.

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