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Lycopodiophyta is a small ancient grass-like plant. It lived from the late Silurian period, to modern times. It is based off the real-life genus, Lycopodiophyta. Unlike almost every other family of species in the mod, the family of Lycopodiophyta is not actually extinct. It stills lives in large numbers today. It is most likely an extinct form of the plant, such as Lepidodendrales that is featured in the mod. Lycopodiophyta is the oldest still living plant in the mod.

Punching a Lycopodiophyta will drop the item instead of destroying it, unlike grass. Dinosaurs will not eat this plant.

Like most other things in the mod, it does not spawn naturally in the world .


It is a short plant, that looks somewhat like grass, with a very light green color. It has a long stalk as well as many close together branches or leaves. It has no tall version.

They are made for decoration, and are useful for making prehistoric grass-lands.


Can be obtained by putting Lycopodiophyta Spores into the Culture Vat.

Plant ListEdit


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