The Kylix is a piece of ancient pottery created using Pottery Shards. They are purely for decoration.

Broken KylixEdit

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The Broken Kylix can be crafted using four pottery shards in a "T" shape. When placed it is a small cup-like object.

Restored KylixEdit

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The broken Kylix can be repaired into a restored Kylix using an Archeology Workbench and several Relic Scraps. The restored Kylix is more detailed than the broken Kylix, and is not missing any pieces.

Coloured Kylix Edit

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The Coloured Kylix is the same shape as the restored Kylix, but has been dyed or painted a different colour. There are three types of coloured Kylix:

  • Red Figure Kylix (2 ink sacs and 1 orange dye)
  • Porcelain Kylix (2 bone meal and 1 lapis lazuli)
  • Black Figure Kylix (2 orange dye and 1 ink sac)


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A paleontologist about to repair a broken Kylix.


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