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Female Henodus resting on land
Basic Information
Real Creature Henodus chelyops
Nature Passive
Health Points 30

Henodus (Meaning "Turtle-Faced Single Tooth") is a prehistoric semi-aquatic reptile from the Triassic. It was added in the 7.3.2 update. Adults become about 1 block wide and about 1 block long at 4 days old. Males have more coloring than females.

Like most mobs, Henodus has a mood which can increase or decrease depending on treatment. The mood can be checked by using a DinoPedia.

Upon death, they drop Henodus leg bone, foot, skull, shell, vertebrae, rib cage, arm bone, and meat. Like most mobs, they do not naturally spawn, and must be created by the player.

Behavior Edit

Henodus is a semi-aquatic turtle that can live both in water and land. They are herbivorous, meaning they eat plants. They are passive, and will not defend themselves against attackers. They can also interact with bubble blowers, scratching posts and toy balls to increase their mood.

Taming Edit

Henodus can be tamed by standing within 6 blocks of the egg(which only hatches on land). If this does not happen, then they can be tamed by a whip, though this will decrease its mood. It can be ordered by a stick.

Feeding Edit

Henodus is an herbivore, which means it eats plants, including seeds, melons, and dillhoffia. They can also eat from feeders.


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