Fossil Record
Record scarab
"Legend of the Scarab" record item texutre
Stack Size 1

"Bones" Edit

It can be found commonly in dungeon chests and requires a Jukebox to play. The song lasts over one minute. Its item texture is a music disc with a beige center.

"Awakening" Edit

This music disc can be found mainly in Anu's Castle, but can also be found in dungeon chests, much like other fossil records. It can be heard during the boss fight with Anu and is nearly four minutes in length. Its item texture is a broken music disk with a red head in the center.

"Legend of the Scarab" Edit

Only in 7.3, this music disk can be found in dungeon chests. It lasts about two and a half minutes long, and its item texture is a music disk with a small gold scarab in the center.

"Discovering the Past" Edit

Also exclusive to 7.3, "Discovering the Past" is over four minutes long. It can be found in dungeon chests like the other music disks. Its item texture is of a completely beige music disk.