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Hey guys i am a Big fan of the mod and i really appreciate what the developers have done :D But today i was just looking for a desert, couldn't find one for ages, but suddenly, came accross this mysterious place.

It appears to be a Big house made of stone bricks, and there's something really creepy about it too. Entering, I found the hallway really cool. the place is really nicely built. But the thing that creeps me out is that there are chests, crafting tables, enchanting tables, furnaces along with other dino-mod related objects. It just feels strange, as it makes me wonder if there's anyone else here? maybe I'm not alone? Though I might sound crazy, Im just curious. I opened one of the chests to find relic scraps and bio fossils. (someone might have been looking for Dinos as well?) I know that this is just the mod, as in, it was spawned by the mod, but does it spawn some kind of cool Steve-like character too? someone who digs up dinosaur fossils and would trade them with me like one of those archeology villagers? Or is it like a Dungeon? It would be really fun to know and I appreciate everyone's concern about this house/mansion

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