Foot f6gL2o
Five different types of feet, without the quagga hoof.
Stack Size 64
The foot bone is an item that can be dropped by many prehistoric creatures upon death or by mining fossil blocks. There is an individual foot bone item for each creature that drops it.There are six different item textures that each of these foot bones could have. They can be used in creating feet, a type of skull armor. The following crafting recipe shows allosaurus claws and triceratops foot bones, but any species of foot bone or claw should work.
Workbench GUI.png






7.2 UPDATE Edit

Mammals, birds, coelacanths, and nautilus lack foot bone drops in this update. These bones cannot be used to create bonemeal or be analyzed to produce DNA.

7.3 UPDATE Edit

Everything except nautilus and fish have foot bones in 7.3 (quagga's are named hoofs). All bones can be used to get DNA of the same species, but still cannot produce bonemeal.

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