Florissantia is an extinct flowering plant of prehistoric western North America, from the Eocene to Oligocene Periods. It

Dryosaurus and Florissantia

was added in the 7.3 Dinosaur Renaissance update.

Punching a Florissantia will not destroy it, unlike grass. Dinosaurs will not eat this plant.

Like most other things in the mod, it does not spawn naturally in the world.


The Florissantia is a small plant that resembles a fried egg. In the center of the plant, a white flower blooms, with a yellow center. The leaves are a very light shade of green.

The Florissantia is a prehistoric plant and thus can be used to make a prehistoric environment.


The Florissantia can only be obtained by putting a Plant Fossil in an Analyzer. There is a rare chance that the Analyzer will return Fossilized Florissantia Seeds, which you then must put in a Culture Vat. Unless the Culture Vat fails and spawns a Failure Plant,  it will then turn the Fossilized Seeds into normal Florissantia Seeds which can be planted.

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