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The Failure Plant is a fictional, undead, defective, misshapen type of plant that is the flora version of the Failuresaurus. The Failure Plant will spew out various particles before its unnatural life comes to an end. Herbivorous Dinosaurs will not eat this plant.


The Failure Plant is a large plant, sitting at just under the players height. The larger half is colored with a light blue, with four branches that end with a very bright round substance that changes colors. The lower half is green and has four curled up leaves. At the top-middle of it is a bright red, almost eye-like color. It will spew particles, which are probably chemicals, everywhere.


Every so often, there is a chance Culture Vats, when cultivating fossilized plant seeds, will fail and spawn a Failure Plant. This will destroy the Culture Vat, leaving a water source block in its place, and drop the Fossilized Seeds & Spores.

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