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2 Dilophosaur's in a forest

Dilophosaurus (meaning "two-crested lizard") are neutral Mobs, which are loosely base on the real-life dinosaur Dilophosaurus Wetherilli. This species is carnivorous, feeding on any kind of meat.

Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world.


The Dilophosaurus is a medium-sized dinosaur, at roughly 2.2 blocks tall. It has a slim, wide body, which is large compared to the average carnivore, a long tail, and legs made for running. The arms on it, are small, like Tyrannosaurus. It's head is narrow and it's eyes are large and yellow. It has a pair of large distinct bony 2D crests on the top of it's head, of which it is notable for. It is fully grown at 8 days.

It has two Subspecies: Lime and Green


Dilophosaurus, are neutral carnivores that will automatically attack farm animals. They are very fast, have 18 heath, and will attack with 3.5 hearts of damage on anything that provokes it.

Dilophosaurus are pack hunters since their childhood, so members of the pack will hunt together and will always be some-what close. If a member of the pack is injured by the player or if the pack is starving, the whole group will become aggressive against the player.

Dilophosaurus breed every 5 minutes. The breeding probability is handled by how many individuals nearby.

Taming Ordering and FeedingEdit

Dilophosaurus are tamable dinosaurs and can be tamed in the same way as all other tameable prehistoric reptiles. The player needs to stay in a range about 6 blocks of the egg, and the hatchling will be tamed. If not, you will have to feed it, until it is tamed. Dilophosaurus can be ordered by a bone.

Dilophosaurus will kill and eat any farm animals that they find. They can also use a Feeder and see them within a certain range of blocks. Dilophosaurus can be hand-fed all mod meat and vanilla meat.


  • It was once based off Jurassic Park's fictional dinosaur species Dilophosaurus "venenifer" but, as of build 7.0, its poison-spitting ability and neck frill have been removed in order to make it look more realistic and closer to Dilophosaurus wetherilli

DinoPedia EntryEdit

Dilophosaurus "Two Crested Lizard"


Dilophosaurus were carnivores, having fed on herbivorous dinosaurs, such as prosauropods and Scutellosaurus.

It is notable for the double crests on it's skull.


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