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Dilopho and Flowers2
A featherless orange dilophosaurus and some F/A Revival plants.
Basic Information
Real Creature Dilophosaurus wetherilli
Nature Neutral
Health Points 18
Attack Damage 3.5 hearts
Subspecies Green - Default

Orange - Forests, lush jungles, mesas, wastelands, the Nether, and spooky biomes

Feathers Set to true by default.
Modeled By Dragonith

Dilophosaurus (meaning "Two-Crested Lizard") are prehistoric creatures that were included in the original Fossils and Archeology mod. It is a medium-sized theropod that grows to roughly 2.2 blocks tall and 5.2 blocks long, and it is full grown at 8 days. It can drop dilophosaurus meatdilophosaurus clawsleg bonesarm bonesrib cages, vertebraeclawsfeet, and skulls upon death. Like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.

They come with feathers, but the feathers can be toggled off in the Revival mod config file.


Dilophosaurus, are neutral carnivores that will only hunt when hungry or provoked. Their prey includes chickens, pigs, cows, compsognathus, dodos, and pachycephalosaurus. When a dilophosaurus is injured, all dilophosaurus in the vicinity will be provoked. If starving, the creature will learn how to use chests and steal food items.

Adult dilophosaurus breed every 5 minutes. The breeding probability is determined by the amount of dilophosaurus there are nearby.


Dilophosaurus are easily tamed like most other prehistoric creatures. The player must stay within a six block radius of the egg while it hatches to tame the baby. If the player fails to do this, they will have to hand feed it until it is tamed. Tamed dilophosaurus can be ordered by a bone.


When dilophosaurus are hungry, they will hunt and kill for food. They can also use a Feeder if one is in sight and be hand-fed all meat. If there are no other options, the dilophosaurus will steal meat from your chests!


Dilophosaurus Idle 1
Dilophosaurus living
Dilophosaurus Idle 2
Dilophosaurus call1
Dilophosaurus Idle 3
Dilophosaurus call2
Dilophosaurus Hurt
Dilophosaurus hurt
Dilophosaurus Death
Dilophosaurus death


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