All of the DNAs for mod and vanilla mobs (placed from earliest added to latest added).
Stack Size 64

DNA is an important item in this mod. All prehistoric creatures require DNA in order to create embryos or eggs.

When bio-fossils are put into the analyzer, they have a 15% chance of producing Paleozoic (green) or Mesozoic (orange) DNA.

Frozen meat has a 40% chance of yielding Cenozoic (blue) DNA. As of 7.3, tar fossils also have a 5% chance to give Cenozoic DNA.

Animal meat, including that of chicken, sheep, pigs, cows, and horses, has a 100% DNA return rate (of the species that corresponds to the meat, of course).

Currently, the vanilla mob DNA is orange, like the Mesozoic DNA, even though they belong to the Cenozoic era. The first time a player obtains a DNA, they will get the "Bingo! Dino DNA!" achievement. All DNA can be put in a culture vat with fuel, which will convert it into an egg or an embryo.