Cooked Animal Meat
Liopleurodon Meat
Cooked Liopleurodon meat
Stack Size 64
Restores 4 shanks
Cooked animal meat is a type of food item that all animals except nautilus can produce in mod version 7.3. It is made by cooking raw animal meat, coelacanth, sturgeon, or alligator gar in a furnace or by killing a prehistoric creature with fire. Unlike raw meat, cooked meat does not yield DNA in an analyzer.

While 7.2 had dino steaks, cooked terror bird leg, cooked dodo wing, etc, all with different characteristics, 7.3 levels all cooked animal meat to the same values (which is why they have been combined in one page). Every cooked meat restores 4 shanks of hunger (8 hunger units) and has a saturation of 0.8 regardless of species.

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