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Confucius Close
A confuciusornis
Basic Information
Real Creature Confuciusornis sanctus
Nature Passive
Health Points 10
Modeled By tyranno66

7.2 UPDATE Edit

Note: Make completely sure that you have a secure enclosure with no gaps for this mob. It will almost certainly fly away otherwise.

Confuciusornis (meaning "Confucius Bird") is a passive prehistoric creature that was added in the 7.2 Build. It is a very small bird at only 0.4 blocks tall and 0.9 blocks long. It is possibly the smallest animal in the mod, its competitor being the compsognathus. It's main unique element is that it can fly. It is also only the second flying mob, the first being the Pteranodon. It drops feathers and raw confuciusornis meat upon death. Also, like most other mobs in the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world and must be created by the player.


Confuciusornis, like some other mobs, behave like an ambient vanilla Minecraft mob. It cannot be tamed, ordered, fed, bred, ridden or aged. As such, they will simply become an adult shortly after being hatched. They breed like chickens, laying eggs with a 1/8 spawning rate (a cultivated egg would have a 100% chance of spawning). They also fly very frequently and quickly, which is why it is important to seal them into their enclosures. It is downright impossible to retrieve an escaped confuciusornis, as they are extremely fast flyers and they fly high. They do not take fall damage as they pull out their wings, like chickens. They are also very smart, because when there is a hole made in the cage, it flies straight to it and almost always escapes.


Confuciusornis Idle 1
Confuciusornis living1
Confuciusornis Hurt 1
Confuciusornis hurt1
Confuciusornis Idle 2
Confuciusornis living2
Confuciusornis Hurt 2
Confuciusornis hurt2
Confuciusornis Idle 3
Confuciusornis living3
Confuciusornis Death 1
Confuciusornis death1
Confuciusornis Idle 4
Confuciusornis living4
Confuciusornis Death 2
Confuciusornis death2
Confuciusornis Idle 5
Confuciusornis living5


Confuciusornis preview
Basic Information
Real Creature Confuciusornis sanctus
Nature  ???
Health Points  ???
Modeled By tyranno66, Raptorfarian

7.3 UPDATE Edit

Coming soon!

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