A baby ankylosaurus playing with a red ball.
Stack Size 64 (per color)

A ball is an enrichment item (like the Tethered Log and Scratching Post) added in the 7.3 update. Enrichment items serve to increase a prehistoric creature's mood, measurable by the happiness scale shown in the DinoPedia. Because balls are coded like an entity, they have half a heart of "health" even though they are virtually indestructible. They can be kept in stacks of up to 64, but different colors of balls cannot be kept in the same stack.



To craft a ball, one needs 4 pieces of string, 1 slime ball, and 4 blocks of wool of any color. Arranging them as seen in the crafting recipe above will create a white ball, regardless of what color wool used. To craft a colored ball, place the ball in the crafting table with the desired dye. Balls that have already been dyed can be re-dyed.


A prehistoric creature's happiness influences its behavior in several ways. Low happiness can lead to hostility or lack of reproduction. The ball's main use is to improve the happiness of these creatures. In order to use a ball, right click the ground with the ball item. This will place the ball (a cube) on the ground. If an unhappy mob encounters the ball, it will push it around, "playing" with it. The ball will bounce, tumble, and roll with each hit from the mob, sometimes making sounds. Balls sink when placed in water, but aquatic mobs will still play with them. To pick up the ball, punch it and it will return to your inventory.

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