Avian Eggs
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The 7.2 avian egg textures in alphabetical order.
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Most prehistoric creatures in the Fossils and Archeology Revival mod hatch from eggs, with the exception of fully aquatic animals and mammals. All of these eggs can be cooked into cooked eggs. Avian eggs differ from non-avian eggs in several ways. The main difference is that they are rather like chicken eggs, while non-avian eggs are represented by actual models that can be placed on the ground and picked back up via right-clicking. Avian creatures can lay their own uncultivated eggs, but to create them in the first place the player must make cultivated eggs. Cultivated eggs have a 100% spawn rate, while uncultivated eggs have a 1/8 spawn rate. These eggs cannot be used to make cakes or pumpkin pie. 


All cultivated eggs follow the same creation process. DNA must be put in a culture vat to produce eggs. The eggs will always match the species of the DNA cultivated. The first time the player obtains a cultivated avian egg, they recieve the "Tweet!" achievement. The cultivation process can sometimes fail, producing a failuresaurus and not an egg. Cultivated eggs will always hatch.

Uncultivated eggs are created by breeding. Avian eggs are the only eggs to show a difference between cultivated and uncultivated eggs, as birds in the mod are the only mob to lay uncultivated avian eggs. They have a different appearance in the inventory (no image of the species appears on the uncultivated egg) and have a 1/8 chance of hatching.


Throwing Eggs

Throwing and hatching uncultivated gastornis eggs.

Avian eggs do not have models like non-avian eggs. They behave rather like vanilla Minecraft chicken eggs; when right-clicked, the egg is thrown and will spawn the avian creature that corresponds to the egg species. Eggs taken directly from a culture vat are cultivated and are 100% guaranteed to hatch. Eggs that are laid by the mobs themselves are uncultivated. These eggs do not show images of the species on the item texture and only have a 1/8 chance of hatching into the creature.

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