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Archeology Workbench beside many restored artifacts

The Archeology Workbench is a modified version of the Crafting Table, which is used to fix broken ancient relics, from a time long past. It is the only way to create many Archeological items and decorations.


The Archeology Workbench is an alternate version of the Crafting Table, except the Workbench is a dull brownish color, with a white sheet over the top of it. Much like the table, the workbench has tools, such as two hammers on the front of it.

When it is active, the tools at the front will be on top of the workbench, and there will be Relic Scraps on top of it as well.


The Archeology Workbench's main use is to restore artifacts to their previous glory. To use the Archeology Workbench, you must have a good amount of Relic Scraps, which come from Fossils (Stone Tablets do not work), as this is the only thing that can power the workbench. You must also have any kind of broken ancient artifact (see below).

Put the Relic Scraps in the bottom slot, as 'fuel' and put the artifact in the left slot. The workbench will then start powering, and after some time, the artifact will be restored.

Items that can be restoredEdit


Workbench GUI.png


Crafting Table

Archeology Workbench

Note: there is apparently a conflict with the Natura mod, where if it's installed you can only craft it with crafting tables from Natura trees.



Analyzer AnalyzerArchbench Archeology WorkbenchBubble blower side Bubble BlowerCultivate side Culture Vat
Feeder FeederSifter side SifterTime machine side Time Machine


Amber ore Amber Ore (Amber Amber) ■ Fern 2s4 Ancient FernsSlimetrailllll Failuresaurus TrailFossilsssss Fossil
(BioFossil Bio-Fossil) (Skull front off Skull) ■ Iced stoneeee Iced StonePermafrostttt Permafrost (Iced Meat Frozen Meat) ■
Tarrrrrrrr Tar (Tar fossil Tar Fossil) ■ Volcanic ashhhhhhhh Volcanic AshVolcanic rockkkkk Volcanic Rock (Volcanic brickkkk Brick) (Stair) (Slab)


Amphora AmphoraFigurines Ancient FigurinesAncient glass 1 Ancient GlassAncient stone Ancient Stone (Ancient stone brick Brick) (Stair) (Slab) ■ AncientChestSquare Ancient Treasure ChestAncient wood Ancient Wood (Ancient wood pillar Pillar) (Stair) (Slab)
(Ancient wood plate Plate) ■ Anuuuuuuuu Anu StatueAnubiteeeeeee Anubite StatueDrum side DrumKylix Kylix
Sarcophagus Mysterious SarcophagusVolute Volute


Grid Dense Sand Dense SandObsidianSpikes (1) Obsidian SpikesPalm planks Palaeoraphe Plank (Stair) (Slab) ■
Grid Reinforced Glass 1 Reinforced GlassSkull front on Skull Lantern


Bennitales BennettitalesPlant cephalotaxus CephalotaxusPlant crataegus 1 CrataegusPlant dillhoffia DillhoffiaPlant ependra Ephedra
Plant mutant 1 Failure PlantPlant florissantia FlorissantiaFooziani FooziaHorseytaileys HorsetailPlant licopodiophyta Lycopodiophyta
Plant osmunda OsmundaPalm log Palaeoraphe Log (Palm leaves Leaf) ■ Sarracenianianian SarraceniaTempskysacrifice Tempskya
Plant vaccinium VacciniumPlant welwitschia WelwitschiaPlant zamites Zamites