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An archeologist villager next to some culture vats.

The archaeologist villager is a new type of Minecraft villager added by the Fossils and Archeology: Revival mod. They trade mod items for emeralds. Besides searching villages, other ways to find them are by using spawn eggs or healing zombie villagers. Archaeologists now spawn at fossil dig sites or tar pit sites. They may own a pet dinosaur; however this is very rare. They are rarer than all other types of Minecraft villagers due to the rarity of their spawn areas, at tar pits or a small fossil site.


This has exactly the same AI as other villagers; they are passive mobs with 20 hp that walk around during day and hide in shelter at night. They run from zombies, interact with other villagers, and trade with the player when right-clicked. Some of their trades include bio-fossils, javelins, essences of chicken, animal meat, fern seeds etc. They can also ride minecarts like all other mobs of their size.