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The Anu Statue is a statue of Anu made out of bedrock and nether brick that is only found in the middle of Hell Boats. It is completely unbreakable, and it is the only way to get to Anu's Castle. Like bedrock, it is completely unbreakable and cannot be obtained by the player without creative mode.

It is much like the Anubite Statue, but unlike it, when you get close to the Anu Statue it won't become real.


It appears to be a near-perfect statue of Anu. The body is made out of bedrock, whilst the clothes are made from nether brick and diamond. It wears an Ancient Helmet as well as an emblem of some kind on his chest (possibly Amber?). His eyes, instead of being red, are a deep yellow/gold color and his tusks are also made out of diamond. He has his left arm raised forward, as if he was telling his men to attack something.

It appears that this statue was made to present a more "nice Anu" to lure adventurers into his Castle, so Anu could slay them.


When the player first encounters this statue, they will recieve the achievement What The? This is the first achievement in the Anu achievement line.

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In order to destroy the statue and summon a portal which will transport the player to Anu's Castle, the player must first place down four redstone like in the picture to the right.

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The last figurine isn't placed yet so the portal doesn't spawn

Then, they must place down four Ancient Figurines (any kind), in a manner like the picture on the right.

After these are both placed down, there will be a small explosion before the Anu Statue will disentegrade, much like the Ender Dragon, and another much bigger explosion will take place. This explosion could knock the player off the boat, so be careful. After the explosion clears up, a portal that will transport the player to Anu's Castle will appear. You will then recieve the achievement, The Middle?